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Jager is a potent indica named after Jagermeister, a popular German brand of licorice schnapps. And while the alcoholic beverage is fabled to contain traces of deer’s blood, the strain has no such unsavory ingredients. Jager was created by an as-yet unidentified breeder in Oregon and may be the product of popular staples Blue Dream and L.A. Confidential. Like the booze, this bud is very potent, consistently testing at between 18% and 23% THC.

Jager immediately establishes its bag appeal with large, chunky flowers. The flowers have a spade-like shape, almost resembling pine cones, tapering down from a broad base to a pointed tip. The buds adhere in a dense, indica-typical structure with dark green leaves and rust-colored pistils. Most phenotypes of the strain also boast streaks of deep purple -- these striking colors are the byproduct of colder-than-average weather affecting the plants’ pigments (called anthocyanins) during the growing process. These already-colorful flowers are also coated in translucent amber trichomes, accounting for their psychoactivity and giving them a very sticky texture.

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Like its namesake liquor, Jager has a pronounced aroma of black licorice. When inspected more closely, dank scents of musk and damp earth are also at play. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking open these dense buds yield some traces of diesel. This strain has a surprisingly smooth smoke for an indica; on the exhale, this smoke has a herbal, tobacco-like flavor, along with some sweet licorice that lingers on the palate. Notably, Jager offers no grape flavors, despite its often entirely purple flowers -- this is because the pigments that determine the leaves’ color do not have a corresponding effect on their aroma.

Jager hits hard and fast, often making its effects known before smokers have finished savoring its rich smoke. Users typically detect a tingle that spreads from the neck down through the core and limbs. Any muscular tension may gradually dissipate as deep breathing happens more deeply and easily. These effects progress toward a full body high that may make some want to stretch out on the closest possible couch.

Despite its relaxing properties though, Jager has enough sativa potency to confer a clear headed energy; this makes the bud useful for mentally engaging pursuits like reading, studying, or plowing through administrative work. Alternatively, these acute but relaxed vibes can be a great way to stimulate conversation or camaraderie among friends.

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Eventually, Jager’s high progresses towards sleepiness -- and while the alcoholic namesake often renders its consumers unconscious, this bud’s knockout effect is more subtle, without the subsequent hangover and embarrassing loss of control. Jager is best enjoyed in the early evening or right before bed. Finally, its effects are said to be long-lasting, even for cannabis veterans.

Jager’s relaxing properties may also be worth sampling by medical cannabis patients. The strain can numb deep-seated aches and pains, whether temporary or chronic. It can also take care of minor annoyances like headaches or nausea. Psychologically speaking, Jager may temporarily blunt the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. In large enough doses, it can also soothe insomniacs to sleep. Because it is unlikely to bring about overly cerebral thinking or paranoia, Jager is a good option for users who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

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Since no commercial-scale breeders have made seeds of the strain available for sale online, those looking to grow Jager must obtain clippings from mature plants in order to grow “clones.” The bud is said to be an easy grow for newcomers to cultivation, as it is particularly resistant to mold. It can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor success calls for a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Predominantly indica genes means that plants will grow short and bush; growers should regularly trim away any fan leaves that could block light and air from stimulating low-growing flowering nodes. Finally, growers looking to bring out Jager’s full dark purple potential should expose their crops to nighttime temperatures that are 10 to 15 degrees colder than average, just before flowering begins.

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While Jagermeister liquor is often considered a “pre-game” psychoactive enhancement, Jager bud is more of a nightcap for relaxing before bed. Its moody, mellow effects are just the thing for unwinding after a long day or week.


August 5, 2021


Best strain for for anxiety. I get zero tiredness. All the tightness leaves my body and I'm able to Breathe! If you want sativa, obviously buy that.. this is perfect for us that calm tf down.

March 17, 2021


I have had Jager for six years now on medical in Oregon for severe PTSD and mild TBI with fractured spine and associated head issues, veteran. I am only typing this out because of how well it is described here and agreed, this strain is worth looking into for medical purposes. Mellow but a heavy hitter, relaxes my mind and muscles from neck to toes and is one of my few pain relievers by simple relaxation. Tastes wonderful in all mediums from pipes to high end vaporizers too, vaporizes incredibly well

February 11, 2021

Samantha Scott

Love this strain for real. Helps with nerve pain and migraines.

November 18, 2020


Legendary strain, one my all time favorites, a true 5 star strain.

November 16, 2020

Gavin Karren

This stuff absolutely hits like a truck. It's worth the money for those of you who want it get it because this will be an experience.