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Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Sativa - 65% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Jack Frost

Jack Frost was developed and significantly improved by Goldenseed over a five-year period. Its lineage includes Northern Lights, White Widow, and Jack Herer. Like most Sativa strains, Jack Frost is fluffy and dry and has a delicate feel. The sweet citrus smell and woody taste make this an easy smoke for users looking for an uplifting euphoria or a medication for pain and anxiety.

Jack Frost is especially useful as a social strain because of its uplifting and euphoric effects. It is known for engendering happiness and periods of giggling. Medicinally, this citrus and musky tasting Sativa-dominant hybrid has proven helpful for the treatment of anxiety, loss of appetite, and stress. A high of up to three hours can be expected from about two average bong rips. Jack Frost is often recommended for active daytime use.

This mixed sub-species has a CB profile of THC 21.6%, CBD 0.3%, and CBN 0.50%. Indoors, the strain has a 55-60 day flower cycle. When grown outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere, the strain is ready to be harvested in September. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the strain produces a heavy yield.

THC Content - 20.6% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Jack Frost Highest Test
Jack Frost Average

Common Usage


Dry Eyes
Cotton Mouth


February 07, 2019
I havent been smoking for long (maybe a year now,) so I'm still not a big heavyweight when it comes to weed. I see mostly positive reviews so maybe its just me but I got nothing from this strain. No mind high and a buzz like body high. It would take me 3 full bowls to give me more than a buzz. I wouldn't recommend this strain if you have the option to buy.
April 26, 2018
I've been smoking weed for 30+ years now, and JACK FROST is the BEST that I've ever had. I can't find it anywhere, anymore.

1 King Kush
March 14, 2018
My buds were not fluffy like popcorn but, closer to an Indica firm bud. Buds green with a few orange hairs but, plenty of nice small drops of trichomes. Pine, lemon, & citrus was the taste & smell here without a doubt. High i got was that of a Sativa leaning Hybrid. I did not get sleepy from this strain which was good because i was busy eating! Above average daytime smoke in my book.
Jonah C.
December 18, 2017
This is one hell of a strain. My favorite aside from the infamous Guerrilla Glue NO.4. Jack Frost had me feeling so good, I went to the river nearby my house and created like a pre-historic beach camp. We built a campfire with rocks and that kept us warm and happy, the sounds of the river raised volume the higher we got, and it was beautiful. We then used charcoal from the fire to write our initials on large stones, we made clubs for the monsters that were soon to come (but never did), Prior to leaving me and my twin brother threw two stones in the fire, for "tradition" and left with the campfire still burning. Jack frost is an amazing, happy feeling strain. Life is better with Jack.
Joe b
August 23, 2017
Best bud on the planet
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