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About Iron Triangle

The Iron Triangle may be distributed by Colorado Seed Inc., but her heart lies in a triangle between Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville. A strain that’s not meant for novice users, it brings a tasty punch to your evening and is great for recreational or medicinal users alike. While the exact lineage is unknown, most are under the impression that this strain is a result of OG and Kush parents.

Using caution can’t be stressed enough as Iron Triangle has measured as high as 28% in THC testing. While average levels are slightly lower, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. Nugs are rather unusual looking, with a cone shape, dark orange hairs, and amber colored trichomes that dust the entire surface. Both flavors and aromas are similar with heavy notes of diesel, herbs, and spices yet have a sweet overtone of citrus that helps to lighten up the entire palate.

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Plan your night accordingly, because the effects of Iron Triangle will come in hard and fast. Despite it being a 50/50 hybrid, the indica side of the strain tends to be incredibly dominant. At first you will experience a bit of energy coupled with a bright euphoria, but this phase quickly fades to a heavy and stoney feeling. Your eyes will most likely get red and you’ll have to do everything you can in order to stay awake. Extreme drowsiness eventually gives way to a night of deep sleep.

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A heavy dose of THC typically equates to prime medicinal effects, and Iron Triangle is no exception to this rule. Chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even glaucoma can all be treated by this powerhouse bud. While mood disorders can be relieved by strains that uplift your mental space to one of complete bliss, users can also get the same type of relief from a totally spacey and sedating strain like this one.

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Noted as a great strain for new growers, Iron Triangle is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor setups. It tends to have a rather kushy type of growth pattern and can benefit from a nitrogen boost in the middle of its flowering period. Be sure to top this plant often for best results, and after 8 to 9 weeks of growth, you’ll be gifted with a decent yield.

Remember, this strain is ideal for nighttime only, as you’ll feel her incredibly tiring set of effects soon after smoking. The next time you’ve had a hard day and need to completely mellow out and not have a care in the world, reach for Iron Triangle. Pain, stress, and the worries of your day will fade away with ease as this complex tasting strain finds a way into your heart.

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February 21, 2022

Ramses Trautloff

I love this weed, it hits just right if you know what I mean. It also gave me the munchies lol

May 21, 2020

Amanda Williams

I live with Bipolar disorder, ptsd, and anxiety. This strain is the first one I have ever used that truly felt medicinal. It was a fun, happy, creative high and even after the high wore off, the sense of well being stuck with me throughout the day. This is my new favorite strain. I can't gaurantee everyone else will have that same experience, but I and my wife both felt especially therpuetic effects from this one.