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With rare genetics and a flavor that’s hands down delicious, Honey Bananas by Elemental Seeds is quite possibly a perfect hybrid. Created by crossing Strawberry Banana with Honey Boo Boo, it’s a great strain for the middle of the day when you need a sweet treat.

Depending on your particular variety, Honey Bananas might be mellow and perfect for a first-time smoker or could come in hot and heavy with THC levels that are ideal for experienced users. Since percentages range from 15% to 22%, it’s really anyone’s guess. What’s for certain, however, is the banana, honey, and candy flavors and scents that accompany these sticky spade shaped nugs are to die for. Light amber hairs are offset by resin that’s almost like syrup.

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As any good hybrid will do, Honey Bananas gives users a taste of both indica and sativa effects, providing an hours-long high that will take you through the evening into bedtime. A creative euphoria begins your experience, prompting you to become slightly motivated with a downright cheery attitude. Get some tasks done now if you can, because before long you’ll become rather sedated and hungry. Keep your snacks close by, and don’t be surprised if you wake up on the couch the next morning with food stuck to your face.

Typical Effects


Medical users often turn to Honey Bananas for its ultra-relaxing properties as it wipes away depression and stress with total ease. When you sense your day becoming rather hectic, take a few hits, ride the wave of euphoria until 6 pm, and then let your cares dissolve for the night. Instances of pain, inflammation, headaches, and more don’t stand a chance against this strain, yet for severe and chronic conditions, a stronger strain or one with potent CBD levels would be more appropriate.

Ready for your next home cultivation project? Honey Bananas is ready and waiting, with a plant that will produce a nice yield inside and a stellar yield outdoors. A hearty strain with long branches and a relatively short 7 to 9 week flowering time, this little lady has won the hearts of many. While seeds are available online, the strain can be difficult to locate in general, so if you’re able to produce a decent yield, get ready to become everyone’s best friend.

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With a name like Honey Bananas, how could you not be interested in this sweet and tasty strain? Elemental Seeds really got it right with this one, as the high you’ll experience is perfect for nearly any situation. If you have a day off with nothing to do, enjoy this as a wake and bake strain and partake in a deep afternoon nap. Otherwise, save some for midday and end your night on a perfect note.

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December 14, 2020


Like a really fine wine. This strain is a work of art. 10/10

October 9, 2020

TasteBud Elevation

This strain is a must for those of us who like something deliciously different but refined. It has all of the notes mentioned but what they don’t tell you is the automatic really automatic body takeover. It is absolutely amazing. A Regular conversation becomes a philosophically infused hair raising interaction with the dullest of people. This is a must try.