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Hippie Chicken

Hippie Chicken

Sativa - 80% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Morning
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About Hippie Chicken

Hippie Chicken is a sativa-leaning hybrid with a tendency to bring about trippy, wide-eyed effects. This strain is the product of Blueberry and Alaskan Thunderfuck parents. This lineage gives it long-lasting, buzzy effects, as well as a memorably fruity flavor profile. Hippie Chicken’s THC content has been measured between 15% and 23%.

Hippie Chicken is marked by buds that are relatively small in size. The flowers cling together in a pointy, tapered formation, similar to miniature pinecones. These buds are quickly identified as sativa thanks to their loose and fluffy structure, with ragged, fluffy leaves that can easily be torn away from their central stems. The leaves themselves are a dark shade of forest green and are twisted through with vibrant orange pistils. Finally, a crown of icy white trichomes accounts for Hippie Chicken’s psychoactivity and makes it buds very difficult to grind in preparation for rolling a joint or packing a pipe.

The predominant aroma of Hippie Chicken’s flowers is sweet, bordering on saccharine, and is reminiscent of cotton candy. Hanging underneath are some bright notes of citrus as well. Grinding up or picking apart these loose flowers accentuates the rich, piney scent that often comes with parent strain Alaskan Thunderfuck. When burnt, Hippie Chicken gives off a smooth and easily palatable smoke that tastes fruity with just a hint of spice on the exhale.

Hippie Chicken’s high can be a bit of creeper and may take up to five minutes to set in. Some early signs that the strain is working can be flush in the cheeks or a tingle around the eyes and temples. Once affected by this potent bud’s effects, users step up into a euphoric, altered state. Emotional well-being can improve, along with the capacity for clear, attentive thinking. The smoker may begin thinking in a fast-paced, freely-associative manner, dwelling on certain thoughts or concepts that might not otherwise interest them. Beware of some psychedelic properties associated with this strain, like an intensification of certain sights and sounds. Many pleased consumers also report visual oddities like distorted depth perception, as well as an ineffable sense of time dilation. Hippie Chicken can also lead to a giggly, upbeat mood that makes it very welcome in social situations, where it can inspire conversation and easy camaraderie. Experienced consumers who are used to navigating head-focused highs may find that Hippie Chicken’s mental stimulation allows them to focus on complex, analytical tasks. Those who are able to harness Hippie Chicken’s power can also use it to illuminate mundane daily tasks like cleaning the house or running errands. Smokers who are less used to the sensation of a heady sativa, though, could be headed for a disorienting period of mind race. Because of its upbeat energy, this is one bud best enjoyed during the day; it’s even appropriate for a wake-and-bake treat. If consumed before bedtime, Hippie Chicken is likely to keep its consumers wide awake.

Hippie Chicken can have many applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Its strong mental stimulation may enable focus and concentration for those with attention deficit disorders. It can also temporarily banish the harsh symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. The strain’s indica effects, meanwhile, can be good for pain relief, whether the pain is deep-seated and chronic, or simply a minor everyday irritation like indigestion. Because it can induce, strong, recursive patterns of thinking, Hippie Chicken is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia.

Seeds of this legendary strain are not available for sale online. As such, home growers should obtain clippings from a trusted source in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” While there is little information available on best practices for cultivating this strain, we know that like many hybrids, it can be grown indoors or out. We also know that its predominantly sativa lineage suggests exceptionally tall plants that may require some pruning to fit in limited indoor spaces. These sativa genes also imply a long flowering time of at least 9 weeks.

Hippie Chicken’s alert, euphoric effects are especially well-suited to a trip to the great outdoors. The bud is a must try for lovers of strong, full-bodied sativas.

THC Content - 23.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Hippie Chicken Highest Test
Hippie Chicken Average

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