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About Hercules

If you’re looking to be as strong as a Greek god, try smoking a bit of Hercules. Bred by Colorado Seed Inc., this strain is powerful and long-lasting, making it a great daytime choice. Gupta Kush and Hawaiian Urkle have produced a lovechild that’s worthy of a strong name and adoration everywhere.

A nice level of THC will greet you as you start your high, with Hercules topping out at 21% in most cases. While nugs of this strain may seem rather lackluster at first, these small piecey bundles of joy are coated with such thick, sticky resin that you’ll drool just looking at it. Flavors and aromas slightly differ here, and while both offer an earthy grape appeal, you’ll taste a tang of tropical fruit as you exhale.

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Rarely do users come across a strain that’s recommended for working out or engaging in highly physical activity, but like the name entails, Hercules offers strength from the start. Your high will hit like a lightning bolt, sending your mind and body into overdrive. While it sounds a bit scary, rest assured that you’ll feel nothing but sheer bliss. Combining a positive attitude with the energy to tackle even the strongest to-do list, Hercules will help you get through your day like an absolute champ. Keep in mind that 40% of this strain does involve indica genetics, so be sure to pace yourself and get ready for relaxation at some point in the day.

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ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

Both body and mind can benefit immensely from the effects of Hercules, making stress, depression, or anxiety simply melt away. With all of your positive energy flowing, there simply won’t be room for anything less than euphoria. Individuals who struggle with pain will also find relief from this strain, allowing them to engage in normal activities and actually feel like a human again. While the boost of energy you get from Hercules is certainly powerful, it isn’t frantic, and many with ADHD have said this strain helps to keep them focused.

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While this strain is strong in effects, it’s nice and gentle in the garden, acting as a great first-time plant for home cultivators. Flowering time is pretty average at around 8 to 10 weeks, and while plants won’t get overly massive, you’ll still be blessed with a decent sized yield. Experts recommend topping your plants at least once during the growing cycle for maximum results.

You may not want to try picking up a car or any extreme activities during your high, but the fact of the matter is that you may feel superhuman after smoking Hercules. Plan your experience accordingly and go for a hike with friends, get in that long overdue workout, or mash out some projects around the house. Just remember, you’ll feel great on this strain but you have to comedown at some point - or do you?

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August 14, 2020

Sharon L

Really gives my mental clarity a boost which in turn motivates me to keep active. I’m simply happier. Mental clarity is a problem I seem to have and I’m only in my late 40’s. I highly recommend for those seeking similar.