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Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Hemlock

Don’t let the name fool you - Hemlock is a carefully crafted strain that features unique flavors with equally interesting effects. A very rare strain, unknown breeders crossed LA Confidential with Durban Poison to result in a plant that’s most commonly found in Colorado. If you happen to get your hands on Hemlock, hang on to it tightly.

Although THC levels typically clock in around 20%, Hemlock’s effects will have you thinking that there’s a far higher percentage on the label. Nugs of this strong strain are grape shaped and boast bright orange hairs and a delicate coating of amber toned trichomes. The scents and flavors of Hemlock are a bit odd, but not completely off-putting. Earthy notes of citrus, specifically grapefruit, fill the air and are quickly followed up by an ammonia-like aroma.

Hemlock’s effects are especially balanced and pleasant from start to finish. Your high will begin with a cerebral rush that slowly brings you to a euphoric place without adding any kind of frantic energy into the mix. It’s almost as if you’re walking through life just the same, only completely out of your mind happy. As bodily effects kick in, you’ll feel intensely relaxed and at the same time insatiably hungry. Make sure you have plenty of snacks at the ready before you partake.

A great all-around strain for typical medical conditions where marijuana is used, like pain, headaches, and insomnia, Hemlock works especially well for users with anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD. When the day has been long and your mind is weary from the weight of the world, turn to this strain to take the edge off and relax for at least one evening. Medical users who struggle with eating will also find refuge in this strain’s ability to induce hunger with ease.

As Hemlock is mostly found in Colorado, growing information is scarce at best. Those who do get their hands on seeds or clones should expect a short and stocky plant that is fairly easy-going. Yields are said to be pretty high, although specific details like preferred climate and flowering times are vague at best. Getting help from an experienced grower is probably your safest bet should you find yourself the proud new owner of some Hemlock.

If you can stomach the harsh ammonia smell that lingers after your smoke, Hemlock just might be your strain of choice. Let’s face it - no matter who you are, there are times when you simply need to completely unplug from the world and just hideout for a bit. This strain will be a great accompaniment to a relaxing night on the couch, as long as you have snacks nearby. Did we mention you’ll get the munchies? Bring all of the snacks - all of them.

THC Content - 22.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Hemlock Highest Test
Hemlock Average

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