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About Heatwave

Powerful parents create powerful children. In this case, Chemdawg and THC Bomb synthesize the power of Heatwave, Heat Wave, The Heatwave, or whatever you call it by way of the maestros at the Oregon Cannabis Authority. A different name doesn’t change the powerful monstrosity of THC and spicy skunk-blasting pepper flavor that Heatwave delivers. This cross of two classics ends up leaning predominantly Indica (75/25) and delivers a full body high that starts in your neck and spreads to every appendage. No stressful feelings are safe during a Heatwave, so long as you're prepared for the intense flavor.

The Heatwave plant is squat and even, flowering in about 70 days. This short plant produces an average yield but makes up for it with how easy it is to grow. Hybrids with reliable parents often make great strains for novice growers and Heatwave is no different, offering low-maintenance yields for those just starting off. Just make sure you follow the experts’ advice and top off the Heatwave plants at the height of the growing cycle. You’ll get a far greater yield if you promote as much lateral growth as possible in this short, but agreeable plant. It has small, round nugs and a few loose amber hairs.

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The Heatwave THC level soars upwards of 27% on the high end, ensuring that the strain provides ample treatment for those seeking relief from chronic anxiety, pain, depression, and even mood disorders. Those who have trouble concentrating, such as those who suffer from ADD and ADHD, can use Heatwave to achieve more focused clarity during the evening. Especially when these conditions cause insomnia, Heatwave can encourage restful sleep.

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The flavor of Heatwave is a tough sell for new users since it’s such a strong, spicy taste in the aftermath of a blast of skunk, fuel, and chemical tastes. There’s a hint of fruit too, combining into a lemon-chemical aroma that’ll burn your nose on the exhale. Make sure you have the experience or the will to handle the pungent spicy peppers of the Heatwave high before partaking.

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The high itself leads to pure relaxation after slamming hard into your mind, starting right at the top of your neck, tingling beneath your head, and spreading to the rest of your body. The aches and pains you feel throughout the day will fade away in a haze of diesel, skunk, chemicals, and spicy peppers. We recommend using Heatwave in the evenings as a rule, since it can cause sleepiness, but feel free to try it earlier in the evening if an attention disorder or pain condition prevents you from relaxing. The euphoric tingle of a well-placed Heatwave definitely beats the real thing. In plant form, it provides the perfect escape.


January 20, 2022

Cesar F. Figueroa

I have a pretty low tolerance despite my past use. I had the FSO(full spectrum oil) syringe made by friendly farms and cultivated by the Betty Project. I mixed it with a bottle of CBDfx. The result was a ratio of medicine like 25.99mg. Thc : 33.5mg. Cbd per 1ml of oil mix. So I have that extra 7.5mg. Of cbd floating around to be put to use. I say that sometimes I believe the Hemp+CBD is seemingly stronger at times than any marijuana and thc but correct me if I'm wrong. My first dose was one full milliliter and that got me lit and feeling fine ex. Pain free and flexible physically. Now I'm on a maintenance dose of half a milliliter twice a day(morning and night) and that seems to be enough medicine to help me cope with my share. The smell is a little spicy, citrusy and supposedly a stinky chemical or animal skunkish which is debatable. The appearance of the oil was a dark brown to black and although I worked with mine frozen it was okay and easy enough to mix in it's state.