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Haze Heaven

Haze Heaven

Indica - 60% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Netherlands
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About Haze Heaven

Dutch breeders at Soma Seeds understand the characteristics that make a great strain, and by utilizing a four-way cross to get the best of all worlds, they’ve achieved just that with Haze Heaven. Its parentage includes Haze, Afghani, Hawaiian, and Northern Lights #5 and has resulted in a well-balanced hybrid that everyone seems to love.

While Haze Heaven is relatively strong with a THC level that averages around 20%, it remains an ideal strain for every type of user - recreational, medical, habitual, or first-timer can all enjoy this indica-dominant beauty. Nugs of this strain are small and rather airy, yet hit your senses hard with a rich color and thick coating of trichomes. The flavors and scents of Haze Heaven include strong blueberry notes with hints of hash and earth that offer a balanced profile.

As with most hybrids, users can expect a classic set of effects that begin with a cerebral rush of energy and happiness. Haze Heaven tends to impart a strong sense of sociability and can leave users in a very talkative state, so even the most introverted of users will feel a need to spread their wings and fly. Take advantage of this burst of creativity and energy and use it to your advantage to get through your task list with ease.

Individuals who struggle with any number of mood disorders, including depression, stress, anxiety, or even bipolar can find huge benefits from Haze Heaven. This strain works to essentially wipe your mental state clean and replace it with nothing but positivity. Given that this is an energetic strain, those who are fatigued will also find it to be a godsend. Other medical concerns including inflammation, pain, and a lack of appetite will also be addressed after just a few tokes.

Haze Heaven is great for users and even better for growers, as those who cultivate marijuana for a living love her high yields and easy going nature. Flowering time has been known to vary, ranging anywhere from 8 weeks to 11 weeks, yet as only experienced growers should attempt to tackle this strain, it’s a safe bet that you’ll know when she’s ready. Plants grow to a medium size and do best in a sunny and dry climate, making her an ideal choice for outdoor cultivation.

Everything that goes up must come down, and despite the massive uptick in energy you’ll experience, your comedown won’t leave you crashing into the earth. Rather, Haze Heaven gently releases you from her grip with a relaxing body high that enables you to move around and even keep your wits about you. Between the nearly perfect set of effects and tasty flavors this strain offers, we’re willing to bet that Haze Heaven will become your new favorite in no time at all.

THC Content - 22.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Haze Heaven Highest Test
Haze Heaven Average

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