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Hawaii 78

Hawaii 78

Sativa - 100%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Hawaii 78

Rumor has it that this strain grows in the wild on the island of O’ahu very close to where Jurassic Park was filmed, making it a favorite of the production crew. After all, Hawai’i 78 is great for creativity, so that would actually make sense, right? Also termed Sweet Lady of Waihole, this strain is a Hawaiian landrace that’s energizing from the start.

Many might say that Hawai’i 78 is a great starter strain, and due to its fairly low THC levels that average around 11%, they wouldn’t be wrong. Like the name would imply, the aromas and flavors of this strain are tropical and rich with tangy and sweet fruit notes. Lumpy nugs are quite fuzzy and come with a thick coating of milky trichomes that sparkle in the Hawaiian sun.

Like you’d expect, a pure sativa strain does give you an immense amount of energy, but users should exercise caution and avoid overindulging. While moderate doses of Hawai’i 78 will certainly provide a cerebral boost that gives users a creative and happy feeling, you can become hazy and unproductive if you smoke too much. As your happiness grows and grows, you’ll soon start to experience a relaxing body effect that leads many to a highly aroused state.

Unlike other strains, Hawai’i 78 may not be your first choice when it comes to major medical ailments. Given that it’s relatively mellow in nature, those who experience chronic pain might be better off with a strain that features a higher THC content. Not all is lost though, because Hawai’i 78 is phenomenal for combatting a range of mood disorders. Individuals who can fall victim to stress, depression, anxiety, or bipolar will enjoy how relaxed and uplifted they feel during their high. Instead of worrying about every little thing, users will feel as if they have the chance to breathe just a little more deeply.

Not much is known from a cultivation standpoint, as Hawai’i 78 seems to be enjoyed only when you’re on the island itself. If you do get a chance to grab some seeds, you’re probably better off growing them in a warm and tropical environment. Roughly 10 weeks of flowering should yield home growers with a decent stash.

When a strain has as much of a legacy as Hawai’i 78, you know it’s one you have to try. If you can’t make it to O’ahu yourself, keep your eyes out for it at your local dispensary. Just a little bit will go a long way toward getting your work done, having a great time at a party, or spending some special time with a loved one. Delicious flavors and a mellow high come together for a strain that’s a favorite of recreational and medical users alike.

THC Content - 12.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Hawaii 78 Highest Test
Hawaii 78 Average

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