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Green Crack Extreme

Green Crack Extreme

Sativa - 65% Leaning
Lineage: Green Crack
Recommended time of use: Morning
Origin: Unknown
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About Green Crack Extreme

A mystery for over two decades, Green Crack Extreme is the sister to the original Green Crack and for many years went by the name Crush. Despite its long history, breeders are unknown and the genetic makeup of this strong strain remains hidden. What is clear, however, is how powerful and uplifting this strain’s set of effects truly are.

Imagine if you were to actually be on crack and perhaps that mental picture will clue you into the potency of this strain. THC levels top out around 24%, making Green Crack Extreme a strain that’s best left for the professionals. Described as an incredibly smooth smoke, nugs are super dense with orange hairs and trichomes. A fruity and sweet taste and smell abound, making it ideal for users who may be put off by other stronger scents.

Although it contains higher than average amounts of THC, the Green Crack Extreme high won’t hit you with a sledgehammer. Instead, it eases you into a state of complete euphoric bliss that settles both your mind and body at once. You’ll find yourself becoming more social, creative, and focused, allowing you to thrive at work or in recreational settings. As it’s a nice balance of sativa and indica effects, you won’t have a huge crashing comedown but rather will be lulled into a relaxing state that leaves you happy and only slightly sedated.

Strongly recommended for medical patients, Green Crack Extreme battles mental and physical ailments like a champ. Again, thanks to massive THC levels and a nice set of effects, many turn to this strain to start their day on the right foot. Mood disorders including stress, depression, and anxiety can all benefit from its relaxing properties, while pain and fatigue are nearly wiped out entirely.

Keeping in line with her secretive ways, cultivating this strain would be more like a science experiment than an actual effort to harvest some quality bud. Many note that Green Crack Extreme is available in clone form only, and although she’s been described as a moderate grow, not much else is known. Got your hands on a clone and want to give it a shot? Enlist the help of an experienced cultivator and hopefully you’ll have a successful outcome.

Take a few hits of this magical strain before heading to work and see how productive you are, or use it as a midday pick me up if you find that time is dragging slowly. Green Crack Extreme is a great way to get your weekend started too, especially if you have big adventures planned with friends. Due to its potent yet manageable set of effects and the luscious flavor it brings, this strain is sure to be a go-to for at least the next two decades, if not more.

THC Content - 24.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Green Crack Extreme Highest Test
Green Crack Extreme Average

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