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About Grape Valley Kush

Moxie Seeds out of Los Angeles has made history with their breeding practices and from their famous labs comes Grape Valley Kush. A cross between Grape Kush and SFV OG, this strain can pack a punch if you aren’t careful. Great for nights in with friends, tasty flavors and awesome effects have finally landed in one bud.

The potency of Grape Valley Kush tends to be all over the board, with lows reaching down to 15% and a high of 26% THC. Resembling a cluster of grapes, each nug comes with a lumpy silhouette and purple undertones that are complemented by lavender colored trichomes. While this strain certainly brings a lot of grape flavor into your experience, many are surprised to find a more complex set of notes at play. Citrus, earth, and spice weave their way in and out of your nostrils and tend to linger on the palate long after smoking.

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Depending on how bold you are, you may want to try Grape Valley Kush in the afternoon to enjoy her uplifting effects while out and about. Energy and an increased desire to be social will both flood you with full force, often leading to fits of giggles and a bit of a spastic personality. These effects will last for a good hour or two, but make sure you plan the rest of your night accordingly because you’ll eventually end up on the couch and ready for sleep. This up and down experience is surprising given that there are hardly any strong sativa genetics present at all, but that’s what makes Moxie so amazing at what they do.

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Grape Valley Kush tends to be a favorite of the medical marijuana community due to her varied effects and thus ability to treat a wide range of issues. Her initial cerebral boost helps immensely with stress and depression, allowing users to smile with ease and forget about their worries. Physical concerns including muscle spasms and headaches can be quelled as the high progresses, and those who deal with insomnia will love how peaceful their comedown will be.

Home growers who are looking for a no muss and no fuss strain will be delighted with Grape Valley Kush, as this plant is very sturdy and can hold her own in most environments. Plant her inside or outdoors and after 8 to 9 weeks you’ll be pleased with your large yield. If you’re experienced, you might find that specific growing techniques could cut down your time-frame to 7 weeks at best.

Ideal for a social night out with friends that ends up back at your place, Grape Valley Kush offers a great set of effects that keep things fun and interesting. As with all strains, make sure you know your tolerance before you indulge - the last thing you want is to have this bud put you to sleep long before you get your laughs in.


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Joe Santarsiero

This product is def in my top 5, my tolerance is very high, this really hits where I need it.