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History & Genetics

With a name like Grandpa’s Stash, you might wonder if this balanced hybrid strain is the best thing since sliced bread (because after all, if Grandpa is smoking it he must know his stuff) or if it’s a bud that’s subpar and was discovered somewhere in the back of a dresser drawer.

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Thankfully, this gal, crafted by Ethos in Colorado, takes on the former with a cross between three true old-school favorites. 1994 Super Skunk, 1992 OG Kush, and a cut of Afghan Kush from the 70s are all at play here, making this mysterious strain one that’s highly sought after. Ethos is commonly found with around 23% THC.

Typical Effects


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Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

One look at her nugs can give users a pretty clear indication, as the green, blue, and purple hues are nearly indiscernible beneath a thick coating of trichomes. Bright orange hairs poke out from underneath, offering a bit of life to the snowy landscape. Grandpa’s Stash is rich in flavor, with a blend of skunk, pine, and incense that makes you somehow feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

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This mental shift isn’t the only thing you’ll experience, as many users report that their high includes extreme feelings of euphoria coupled with deep relaxation that’s rooted in their bones. Some find that they have enough energy to go outside for a few hours, but ultimately this bud was designed to aid in chilling out and getting some one-on-one time with your couch. For many, Grandpa’s Stash brings on heavy feelings of arousal, leaving us wondering exactly what Grandpa was doing when he got high back in the day.


Given that so little is known about strain data alone, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that seeds or clones of this plant aren’t made available to consumers. If you’re lucky, dispensaries outside of Colorado might carry Grandpa’s Stash, but for now, it seems as if supplies are limited and might require you to take a mini vacation in order to get your hands on some. That’s not a surprise with Ethos, as their top-shelf bud is often produced in smaller quantities.

Since we know that home growing is out of the question, why not make it your mission to find Grandpa’s Stash before it’s gone forever? A strong mix of flavors coupled with a unique blend of effects that leads most to think she’s a 50/50 hybrid are just enough to get you moving on a mellow afternoon and powerful enough to lull you to sleep on the comedown. Keep in mind that everyone’s tolerance is different, so we’d suggest starting slow with this one.


October 26, 2022


Just found this strain and wow does it smell funky and smokes so smooth. Takes me back to the 80/90s when weed had some great bouquets. After a bowl of this strain,I was so chilled and had a slight body high, felt giggly and relaxed. If you like weed with an old school flare to it… this is one of them for sure. 😊 enjoy

August 1, 2022

Mat O

Great combination of strains right here. Produces a super heavy body high with tiring but clear-headed effects. Love it whenever I can get this strain, whether as flower or better yet, concentrate.

July 7, 2022

lucas james ross leslie

Grandpas Stash - 94 cut sativa roadkill skunk x mystery sativa x sativa or better known as 1994 Super Skunk X 1992 OG Kush X 1970s Afghani Kush.Skunky Diesel taste that draws you in wanting more and more as time passes on through out your day.Leaving you feel sedated and calm- a sense of belonging and clarity. The head buzz creeps up on you like most skunks do; then throws you into another dimension of euphoria; the high is a little racey- but the bag appeal is right- frosty buds dripping in frosty white tricomes. Sugary and flavourful.

January 4, 2022

Chris Westhoff

I believe the 70s cut of Afghan Kush is what makes this strain so over the top! Definitely recommend one to get as much of this as you can. It will become manys new go too, including myself!

July 30, 2021


Got a clone of this strain growing and she is a beaut. Can't wait for harvest time.