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About Goliath

History & Genetics

Goliath is one mighty strain who flaunts her diesel and kush genetics loud and proud. Her descendants hail from the best kush and diesel lineage. In-House Genetics developed this magical cultivar by crossing Platinum to Gorilla Glue to Grateful Breath. The combination presents a unique experience even for consumers with hardened tolerances.

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These genetics are sought after by both commercial facilities and home growers due to super quick flowering time and high yields. You can’t beat an eccentric terpene profile along with quick harvest turnovers! It produces up to 22% THC and up to 1.5% CBD. Although the strain originated in Seattle, Washington it soon crossed the border to Canada and has been making its debut in dispensaries like Fire and Flower. It has crept up to one of the most wanted strains on the market.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Goliath must have been named after the sheer size of these massive buds. These huge buds are olive green leaves with neon green calyxes. Thick orange hairs, otherwise known as pistils, muster their way out of the buds while milky trichomes encapsulate the surface area.

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Not only does the size of these buds make a statement, but the terpene profile declares attention too. The prominent Beta-caryophyllene provides a deep and spicy aroma almost like petrol fuel. An underlying fruity yet citrusy fragrance is apparent from a less common terpene known as Ocimene which can be found in mint, bergamot, lavender, and orchids.

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While Goliath is smoked, flavors of peppery blueberries burn into a sweet citrus and earthy taste. This quirky palate leaves a lasting impression with its tangy, pungent scent wafting and residing where it was consumed. This strain might need some deep-cover odor control if you are trying to be a stealthy smoker.


The high from Goliath is a bit backwards when it comes to hybrids. You’ll feel the lethargic and couch-lock sensations within the first wave. Don’t go smoking this strain when you have a job to do. Your body is going to start melting with a full body buzz. The sedation is going to set you up for full relaxation mode. Go ahead and treat yourself to some much-needed rest.

After you come out of your comatose state your brain will start tingling. This cerebral explosion will spark up your creativity and provide some uplifting euphoria. Although your body might not be keeping up, Goliath will provide you with pain relief and release muscle tension. This might be the time for writing, drawing or an intriguing conversation before you slip away into dreamland.

Goliath would be a great strain to turn to when you need some physical relief. It can also help alleviate negative or overbearing thoughts. As mentioned before, this strain is definitely a sleep aid if you suffer from insomnia.


If you are yearning to grow this heavy yielding strain, do note that it mostly comes “clone only”. There are a few variations available through seed banks, but the genetics are altered, trying to recreate the original. Beware that there is also a popular hemp Goliath cultivar that is very high in CBD content. You’ll be in for quite a different experience as the hemp plant will grow up to 12 feet high and the Goliath strain we’ve been talking about grows up to a mere 3-5 feet tall. Just like its name, it produces massive colas with dense buds.

Because of its stalky stature, it would be wise to use a Sea of Green or Screen of Green growing technique to provide lower branches with more light penetration. In just eight weeks – yes, EIGHT weeks, you’ll be harvesting these tangy monsters. When growing outdoors, you’ll be taking them down in September and it is a great choice for areas that have early winters like Colorado. But, Goliath prefers warm and dry climates.

Goliath is an all-around superb strain. Whether you are looking for an easy strain to grow with a hefty reward, an absolutely funky flavor, or a noteworthy high, you really can’t go wrong with this behemoth of a cannabis plant.