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About God's Gift

Often times, people or things that claim to be God’s gift are too good to be true, but this popular strain from back in the day is the real deal. God’s Gift was a huge hit in California dispensaries circa 2005, and as it’s a cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, why wouldn’t it be? A mostly indica-dominant hybrid, it’s awesome when you need a strong high.

One of the more potent buds on the market, this strain tops out at 27% THC but has been seen as low as 15%. Although its genetics would dictate that nugs should be purple in tone, God’s Gift is much more dense with a ton of white trichomes catching your eye. Classic flavors and aromas of citrus, berry, lemon, grape, and hash all blend together for a pleasing after dinner treat.

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Many describe the high as being in a trance, which is probably what it feels like to meet God himself. A fast-acting strain that leaves you incredibly dreamy and relaxed, you’ll notice that your mind is cleared of all worry. Users will feel happy and peaceful, and although one might describe the sensation as uplifting, you won’t have the slightest trace of energy. Instead, prepare to be one with your couch for hours or even the rest of the night, depending on how much you smoke. Ultimate relaxation is the key here, so make sure to only partake at night.

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Your head will be swimming in the clouds after just a few hits of God’s Gift, literally leaving little room for stress and depression. It goes without saying, but we’ll mention it just for the record, that insomnia tops the list of ailments that this therapeutic strain can relieve. Like other strains with high THC levels, God’s Gift also works wonders for bodily pain including headaches and cramps and can also quell nausea quite effectively as well.

Even furthering the level of gifts showered upon you, this strain is super easy to grow and is ideal for newbies who are still getting the hang of things. It’s a plant that won’t take up a ton of real estate and only requires about 7 to 9 weeks to flower. Yields are also beyond decent, making this strain one that you may want to grow year after year.

All religious connotations aside, God’s Gift is truly something from the heavens. Between powerful sedative effects and a complex and delicious flavor, experienced users will have a hard time saying no to this bud. Plan your night accordingly by bringing snacks within an arms reach and maybe evening bringing your favorite blanket to the couch. Chances are you’ll wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Recent Customer Reviews

Xavier Rodriguez

I've had God's Gift twice! One past time, it wasn't much of a looker, the nugs were brownish but upon closer inspection it was dark hues of purple, anyways the first time I tried God's Gift I was amazed at how euphoric and relaxing it is! Like Xanax or Ant-Anxiety Medications in Marijuana form! So when I came across God's Gift again, today, I made sure to get a good amount and boy-oh-boy its definitely a looked this time! Color hues ranging from orange and purple and blue, very sticky with a lot of trichromes! God's Gift once again does not disappoint, with its extremely relaxing, somewhat of a psychedelic haze and extremely extremely extremely euphoric. Definitely a 10/10 For Euphoria, also high numbers, if not also 10/10s, for relaxation, anxiety, and depression. Actually God's Gift is definitely a great anti-depressant, with its high-level of very long-lasting euphoria. These anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects, coupled with its hazy psychedelic-dreamy effects, make God's Gift great for dead-seriously replacing Xanax or Prozac-basically a Tier 1, AAA, 5-Star, 10/10 strain for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. With gorgeous nuggets that obviously are from having Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush parents! The smoke has a delicious aroma of berries, reminiscent of smoking purple!

Kief Knifing

Good & musty. The "stoning" is pretty heavy here... really helped me keep focused yet loose for recording rhythmic guitar parts. This is one of the " i dont really feel anything... oh wait". Oh God. So that is a recommendation.

Joel Perez

This gave me a sativa high. yes its indica but this strain and og kush both give me head highs so that makes sense lol im not a dancer but I feel like dancing


Works very well for my pain and insomnia. It knocks me out every time, but not before it makes my body go numb.