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Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper

Sativa - 70% Leaning
Lineage: Cinderella 99
Recommended time of use: Morning
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About Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper is a very potent, sativa-leaning hybrid that relies on some popular genetics to offer a stimulating high. This hybrid is cheekily named for its famed mother strain Cinderella ‘99, a Jack Herer - descended sativa created by Colorado-based breeders Brothers Grimm. Glass Slipper’s father strain is unknown -- there is some conjecture as to whether the mystery parent is The White, LA Confidential, or even a Pineapple phenotype. What’s certain, though, is Glass Slipper’s potency -- with a THC composition between 20% and 25%, it’s just as conceivable that this strain is named for its glassy coating of trichomes.

Glass Slipper has small to medium-sized buds that take a popcorn-like shape when cured. The dried flowers curl up into a dense, indica-typical structure. This strain’s leaves are unremarkable, appearing green to deep yellow. They are coated in sticky, milky-white trichomes, making this a difficult strain to break up by hand. Whatever Glass Slipper’s flowers lack in appearance, however, they make up for in dynamic aroma. The smell is strikingly sweet and fruity, with particularly tropical notes. A little bit of dank earthiness exists underneath this candy-like profile, reminiscent of Cinderella ‘99 herself. When combusted, Glass Slipper burns smooth and delivers an easy toke with a buttery consistency. This strain’s aftertaste has a leathery, musky quality, and a Kush-like odor hangs in the air long after smokers have finished.

The high from Glass Slipper sets in very quickly, seizing users with a boost of energy and an uplift in mood. In the right set and setting, many describe a soaring euphoria even before they begin to “peak.” As the high progresses, many will discern that this strain has a mild body stone, but nothing that will threaten to immobilize. Glass Slipper’s sativa intensity may enhance the senses, making experiences like watching TV, listening to music, and even eating food noticeably more intense. Its mental stimulation and encouragement of free associative thinking also make this a great social lubricant, helping the introverted to feel more chatty. This strain’s combination of relaxation and emotional contentment mark it as an enjoyable daytime or early evening treat. Its subtle but grounding body buzz also mellows out its cerebral qualities; users prone to anxiety will not need to worry about jittery paranoia that can come with other strong sativas.

Although it may not be the best treatment for chronic physical pain, Glass Slipper does have medical application for some psychological conditions. The surging sense of emotional well-being can be a great way to temporarily relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even PTSD in some cases. Its clearheaded cerebral nature also makes this strain a great way for those with attention deficit disorders to maintain focus. Glass Slipper can even be a popular appetite stimulant -- which, depending on an individual user’s priorities, may either be either a help or a hindrance.

Retailer Dutch Riot sells packaged seeds of a Glass Slipper variety that crosses Cinderella ‘99 with Pineapple ‘99; any other Glass Slipper varieties may need to be cultivated as clones, from clippings of existing plants. This can be a novice-friendly strain to grow. Outdoors, it requires consistently warm and Mediterranean-like conditions, although, as with Cinderella ‘99, the plants can prove resistant to disease. In controlled indoor conditions, the medium-height plants can be trained to fit within their grow space as long as growers prune and bend branches early on in the vegetative stage. Growers should also “top” plants of Glass Slipper by trimming any light-blocking fan leaves in order to encourage growth on low-lying branches. This strain flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors and offers moderate to high yields; after all, parent strain Cinderella can yield as much as 84 grams -- or 3 ounces -- of flowers per square foot of plant.

Although it’s relatively hard to come by, Glass Slipper is universally praised for its taste and comfortably cerebral high. Its creative flow makes it equally enjoyable alone or in lively group settings. Like Cinderella’s legendary shoes, though, Glass Slipper is probably best savored before midnight, as its energizing properties may keep you wired as bedtime approaches.

THC Content - 25.0% Highest Test

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Glass Slipper Highest Test
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