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Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit

Sativa - 60% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Netherlands
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About Fruit Spirit

Instead of being a strain that pairs well with tie-dye and sandals, Fruit Spirit is best served with a side of yoga and meditation. Flavors that mimic fruity tea and a perfect balance of effects give this strain by Royal Queen Seeds a well-deserved reputation. Breeders crossed Blueberry with White Widow to get this sativa-dominant bud that’s great for any time of the day.

Fruit Spirit is best for experienced users, but if a novice smoker can handle the 19% average THC levels, more power to them! Buds are quite beautiful, with a dense cone shape that’s covered in milky resin and trichomes. Intense orange hairs and purple leaves only add to its unique visual appeal. Upon your first hit, you’ll taste an intense mix of berries and citrus, and while these notes are mirrored in Fruit Spirit’s scent, an herbal note much like green tea also comes into play for an appetizing aroma.

Your high will begin in your forehead and behind your eyes, imparting a sense of euphoric calm and dare we say a zen-like appeal. Users become motivated and focused, allowing their to-do list to become a thing of the past with ease. Creative waves of energy will flow through you before giving way to more indica-dominant effects of relaxation and body tingles. As you sink deeper into this relaxation, you’ll delight in how happy you feel while still having your wits about you.

Those with mood disorders will rejoice after they try Fruit Spirit, as this strain is best for relieving the tiring effects of depression, stress, and anxiety. When life feels too overwhelming, Fruit Spirit is there to wrap your worries in a warm hug and wash them away - at least for a few hours. Its moderate THC levels are also wonderful for dealing with chronic pain, as it’s great at taking the edge off without making you feel numb. Many users note a strong case of the munchies after partaking in this strain, so make sure to have snacks at the ready.

Fruit Spirit is a hearty plant that will thrive inside or outdoors, but make a note that cooler temperatures may work against you. After only 7 to 8 weeks growers will delight in a nice yield, and you can utilize hydroponics to promote growth even further. Plants may reach up to six or seven feet tall and have a sweet aroma, so if you must use discretion, consider an indoor setup with a smell proof system.

Tap into your spiritual side and let Fruit Spirit take you on a journey of bliss. A delicious balance of flavors makes this a great dessert strain, or similarly can act as a wake and bake choice for those looking to whip through a task list.

THC Content - 20.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Fruit Spirit Highest Test
Fruit Spirit Average

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