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Known for their exceptional strains, Exotic Genetix has put out another winner with Extreme Cream. A cross between Cookies & Cream and Extreme OG, this indica-dominant bud has an incredible taste along with effects that you’ll want to experience day in and day out. Gone from the breeder’s website, the availability of this bud may soon become slightly limited.

A moderate strain that tops out at 20% THC, Extreme Cream is ideal for the perfect night at home. Long nugs are a deep forest green tone and feature bright red hairs and a light coating of trichomes. Although her flavors and aromas do feature hints of skunk, the overall blend is one that’s sweet and delicious. Notes of berries, butter, and cream will dance along your palate and have you craving more tokes than is probably appropriate.

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Extreme Cream is probably the most ideal bud for nights out with friends as she imparts a sense of sociability that’s second to none. Energy and focus are boosted for a short while as you enjoy her sativa side, making it a great time to go out to dinner, hit a concert, or even go for a walk around the neighborhood. Keep in mind, however, that this strain does have a more relaxing side, and before long you’ll be dreaming of your couch amidst your state of bliss. The munchies are inevitable here, so make sure to stock up on snacks before you settle in for the night.

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Although many medical patients enjoy being able to find relief all throughout the day, Extreme Cream isn’t one for a morning toke. Ideally, this bud should be used after a long day of work to help unwind a frazzled mind and let go of the the last 12 hours of your life. Stress and depression will be soothed instantly as you dissolve into a pool of joy, and instances of bodily pain will tend to fade rather quickly as well. Individuals who struggle with insomnia can plan their dose accordingly to make sure they end up sleepy as can be right around bedtime.

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In many cases, strain seeds from Exotic Genetix are available for purchase, allowing you to cultivate your own garden at home. However, all traces of Extreme Cream seem to have been wiped from the planet, at least if you want to cultivate this beauty yourself. Thankfully, she does appear to be pretty readily available on dispensary shelves for the time being.

Extreme Cream may sound like something that’s too intense for newbies, but as long as you carefully manage your dose, this strain will be something you start to look forward to at night. Whether you’re with friends or flying solo, let this bud lift you up before taking you to dreamland in the most gentle way possible.

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July 13, 2021

David J Morrissey

I love this strain. Just popped up at my dispensary after 3 months since last grow. On sale yet. I stocked up because with EC, I don’t need anything else! The very best, most euphoria producing, delicious tasting and smelling, best looking bud there is imho. For daytime(experienced only) to nighttime, my hands down favorite. Excellent bud!!

June 22, 2020


This is the best strains that I use for anxiety. I really suffer badly from anxiety, and most of the more potent indica that I’ve had, usually put me out. This one , slows down my thoughts enough, to where I can think again. Yes, it can slow me way down, though, not to the point of needing to hit the sheets. A few hits, even early in the day, can quell my anxiety, enough, so I can still function to a degree. This is a strain, that seems to me, to be overlooked by too many.