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Eugene Cream

Eugene Cream

Indica - 80% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: United States
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About Eugene Cream

Oregon’s cannabis market has expanded dramatically since legalization in 2014 and with that, a slew of new strains has hit the market. While it has been a pleasure being introduced to all these newer cannabis minds, there’s something really special about those that have been doing it for the last decade or more. That’s what brings us to Drift Away Farms and their signature strain Eugene Cream. This instant classic is bred by crossing Hash Plant, Big Bud, and Queen giving it a unique flavor and even more unique effects.

Though the THC level isn’t necessarily mind-blowing, coming in at around 16%, it definitely holds some strength. However, those that are drawn to Eugene Cream are not typically using it for the THC content. Rather, they’re here for the surprising potency and the unparalleled flavors that are super rich in creamy cheese. Hints of citrus and earth on the nose and palate only enhance the already tangy soft cheese flavors. These beloved buds are lumpy and dense with bright green shades and rich amber hairs covering the entire nug.

The Eugene Cream high is indica in nature, leaving users feeling totally relaxed and enveloped in bliss. The sedation begins in the head with a somewhat cerebral rush that slowly makes its way down the spine and into the rest of the body. This has an uplifting mood shift that pairs with a tingly sensation that leaves your body feeling just as chill as your emotions. The body buzz eventually overtakes you, leaving you couch locked and ready for bed, but not before giving you a case of the munchies and small fits of the giggles.

Medicinally this strain is quite beneficial for ailments that are commonly treated with sedatives such as insomnia, chronic pain, mood disorders like stress and anxiety, headaches, and cramping. Other mood disorders such as depression, bipolar, and more extreme cases of stress can be treated from this strain in slightly higher doses. If you suffer from lack of appetite, nausea, or are susceptible to eating disorders like anorexia, smaller doses of this strain can stimulate hunger and soothe indigestion.

This indoor/outdoor strain is native to Oregon climates making it happiest in moist, somewhat cool conditions. Big swings in temperature can cause it to be more susceptible to mold or disease. With a short growing cycle of 8 weeks or an outdoor harvest of late September, this is a fairly easy, high-yielding plant perfect for the beginner that wants to move up to intermediate status.

Drift Away Farms is an organic operation out of Eugene that has been in the game and growing this exact strain for upwards of a decade. They have perfected the flavors, the effects, and the appearance so that it would become your next go to. Without a shadow of a doubt, Eugene Cream will be one you want to reach for again and again after just one try.

THC Content - 16.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Eugene Cream Highest Test
Eugene Cream Average

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