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Emperor Cookie Dough

Emperor Cookie Dough

Sativa - 80% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Emperor Cookie Dough

Emperor Cookie Dough is a sativa-dominant hybrid with extremely potent effects. Created by the Vancouver-based breeding group BC Seeds, this strain is a cross between Emperor OG and the notorious Girl Scout Cookies. Emperor Cookie Dough brings an even balance of effects and a very complex flavor profile. Deemed one of the strongest strains of 2016 by High Times, its THC content has been measured at between 19% and 31%.

Emperor Cookie Dough stands out from the pack with medium to large-sized flowers that maintain a chunky, pinecone-like shape. Despite mostly sativa genetics, these buds have an indica-typical structure, with short, wide leaves that curl tightly inwards. The leaves themselves are a bright shade of lime green and are twisted through with red and rust-colored pistils. Finally, cloudy white to yellowish trichomes coat these knobby buds, making them sticky and difficult to break up without a quality grinder.

Like parent strain Girl Scout Cookies, Emperor Cookie Dough gives off a toasted, biscuity scent when properly cured. A closer whiff of the flowers may also pick up on some subtle citrus notes. Grinding up or breaking apart these buds, meanwhile, releases more of a sweet, skunky odor. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, flowers burn with a smooth and easily ingested smoke. On the exhale, this smoke carries an earthy flavor that is accented by some slight tartness.

The high from Emperor Cookie Dough becomes obvious soon after its fragrant smoke is inhaled. At first, consumers may feel a head rush, followed by a slightly increased pulse around the temples and cheekbones. Some flushing in the cheeks and stimulation of the salivary glands are also possible. Within minutes, these odd sensations dissolve, revealing the strain’s heady cerebral effects. Smokers can be struck by a sudden thoughtfulness, with certain concepts (or even objects) taking on a new dimension or significance. For those who are properly motivated, this sort of mental engagement can lead to productivity on complicated, detailed tasks. It may also enable work on open-ended creative and artistic projects. Alternatively, Emperor Cookie Dough’s long-lasting buzz can simply provide a pleasant backdrop to otherwise boring activities like household chores.

As this high wears on, Emperor Cookie Dough begins to reveal more of its physical effects. A tingle of relaxation may run down the spine and radiate out to the core and limbs, helping relieve any muscular tensions and facilitating deep and easy breathing. Although subtle at first, these sedative effects can gradually diminish the strain’s earlier sense of motivation and mental acuity. At this point, Emperor Cookie Dough is better suited to low-key pursuits like binge-watching or playing board games. Because of its gradual decrease in energy levels, Emperor Cookie Dough is recommended for consumption starting in the late afternoon through early evening.

Emperor Cookie Dough’s recreational versatility can have a similarly wide application for medical cannabis patients. Its cerebral onset can help those with attention deficit disorders to zone in on single tasks. Its uplifted mood may also soothe some of the symptoms associated with stress, depression, and anxiety. On the physical side of things, the strain can dull aches and pains, whether chronic or due to minor inflammation. In particular, its “headband”-like effect around the eyes and temples can relieve some of the painful intraocular pressure that comes from glaucoma. Because it can bring about some strong and potentially disorienting patterns of thinking, Emperor Cookie Dough is not recommended for patients who are prone to paranoia or panic.

Seeds of Emperor Cookie Dough have not been made available for sale online. Those looking to grow the strain at home should obtain clippings from healthy plants, which can be propagated as clones. These can be grown indoors or outdoors in a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. The indica-inflected buds suggest that plants grow short and bushy; these may require some occasional pruning in order to encourage air and light to circulate among low-growing flowering nodes. Emperor Cookie Dough will flower within a brief 8 to 9 weeks.

With an ideal balance between mental and physical properties, Emperor Cookie Dough is sure to appeal to indica and sativa fans alike. It can be an especially fun way to complement a nature hike or a camping trip.

THC Content - 31.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Emperor Cookie Dough Highest Test
Emperor Cookie Dough Average

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