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Easy Peezy

Easy Peezy

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: United States
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About Easy Peezy

If “lemon squeezy” comes to mind with this bud, we don’t blame you. Expert crafters at the somewhat secretive Bedford Grow named this strain appropriately, as we’re about to find out. A well-balanced hybrid that’s crafted from a cross between 3rd Coast Panama Chunk and a Northern Lights/Haze blend, she’s a great companion for any day of the week.

Her THC may only top out at 18% but Easy Peezy isn’t shy about slamming you with long-lasting effects. Chunky buds are a neon green shade and feature dark hairs and thick amber trichomes. As you’ve likely guessed, her flavor and aroma profile heavily features lemon (thus her name) mixed with a strong chemical note. Some describe it as creamy while others just hack their way through each puff.

When you purchase a balanced hybrid, you naturally expect a fair amount of up and down effects. Easy Peezy delivers on that promise with a high that starts off incredibly energized and mentally uplifted. Although you may feel a small amount of brain fog, your ability to unleash creative powers will be second to none. Tap into this benefit while you can, because the comedown can be intense. Stoney is just the right word here, as your body may become too heavy to move. Once you feel these sedative effects come on, head toward the couch.

Individuals who need a strain to get them through the last part of their day often turn to Easy Peezy, as her effects pair well during the late afternoon and evening times. Mental concerns are primarily affected here, with depression and stress dissolving right away. You can think of your high as a mental one at first, then as your bodily sedation kicks in, issues of pain, insomnia, and even digestive concerns are all equally addressed.

Bedford Grow has a highly pharmaceutical appearance, yet breeder information does seem to be scarce along with seeds of their proprietary strains. If some do pop up on the market from time to time, it’s best to treat Easy Peezy like a normal hybrid. Indoor or outdoor growth is likely suitable, and roughly 9 to 10 weeks of flowering will provide an aromatic harvest.

Due to the fun-filled sativa portion of your high, Easy Peezy makes for a great strain to smoke with some of your closest friends or even your co-workers. Again, make sure to indulge with enough time to make it home before you completely crash, or reserve it for lazy days around the house if you’re not exactly sure how you’ll react. Arts and crafts, cleaning the house, or simply shooting the breeze with others all make for great activities while on this rare bud.

THC Content - 18.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Easy Peezy Highest Test
Easy Peezy Average

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