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As the name would suggest, this is a great daytime high that is best suited for lazy days of kicking back with friends and not needing to get much done. Early Skunk by Sensi Seeds is a feminized breed blended from Skunk #1 and Early Pearl strains that took home awards from the Cannabis Cup and Highlife Cup two years running.

This indica-dominant breed has a swinging THC range of 15% to 22% with anything in between being considered normal. As with its infamous parent Skunk #1, Early Skunk has a skunky aroma that is peppered with sweet rose and pungent spices. The flavor profile is much the same with the addition of minor hints of tree fruit. The nugs are medium and minty green with amber trichomes and a coating of sweet, sticky resin.

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Sociable and relaxing, this lazy high comes on in waves and will have you firing off ideas and chatting away, though don’t expect much energy as this is an extremely chill bud. Those who typically get energized even by the slightest amount of sativa will have a somewhat different high than those who don’t, so plan on taking a little hike or spending the day at the beach. As the high starts to kick in you’ll feel light in the head and relaxed mentally. Enjoy the creative boost it gives you and create something special.

Typical Effects


Users who suffer from eye pressure, chronic pain, muscle spasms, or general muscle tension can benefit greatly from this strain as it is sedative in nature. It will relax you from head to toe and gives you complete mental relaxation. This slow rolling high begins in the head and moves to the feet with tingles punctuated by small bursts of energy, making it exceptional for minor cases of depression as well.

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Lucky for anyone with a black thumb, this is an extremely easy to grow plant that is favored for its short flowering period which lands at around 7 weeks. In addition to its high yields, it is resistant to mold and pests making it ideal for novice growers. This is a great strain for indoor growers as it is typically a short, wide plant. However it is pungent in odor, so consider this carefully before growing.

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For the stunted creative or the social smoker, Early Skunk is a great strain. Whether you are a medical or recreational smoker you’ll enjoy this flavorful, skunky bud that relaxes the body and kicks up the creative juices. Try it with a vaporizer and make this an even smoother high.