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About Dreamcatcher

Depending on who you ask, this strain may be written different ways and could even feature varying parents, keeping Dreamcatcher a bit of a mystery bud. Some prefer to separate it into two words instead of one, and most will point to Colorado-based Greenpoint Seeds as her birthplace. A cross of Stardawg and Blue Dream is what makes their version shine, although others claim this indica-dominant bud is a mix of Blue Chronic and Blueberry/Black Domina.

Either way you go, Dreamcatcher is giving you your money’s worth in potency with a THC average of 24%. Fluffy nugs are mint and purple and feature bright orange pistils along with a thick layer of trichomes. Again, depending on the version you find, aromas and flavors could differ. Some experience a strain that mirrors fruit, herbs, earth, and spicy cheese while others note a very sweet blueberry taste.

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Like the item she’s named after, this bud is designed for the bedroom, but not in the way you think. Dreamcatcher’s primary objective is to get you to a blissful state of relaxation with a little bit of fun along the way. Your high will start off with an intense euphoria that builds and builds while bringing a sense of focused clarity to your life. Tasks like washing the dishes after dinner become a breeze, yet before long you’ll start to feel mentally hazy and tired. Eventually, a full-blown couch lock may go into effect, leaving you ready for a good night of sleep.

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A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Medical patients gravitate toward Dreamcatcher for her strength when fighting a range of health issues. Individuals who struggle with inflammation tend to top her list of fans with insomnia-shackled patients as a close second. Like many other strains that impart a sense of well-being that lasts for hours, this strain tends to dissolve depression, stress, and anxiety. For some, a strong case of the munchies tends to creep in, making it an ideal choice when you have a lack of appetite.

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Dreamcatcher is a relatively easy strain to cultivate at home, yet depending on the genetics of the seeds you purchase, you may end up altering your methods slightly. In either case, both indoor and outdoor growth is more than fine, but flowering times can range between 9 and 11 weeks. Growers with minimal amounts of space on their hands should be aware that fully mature plants can get quite tall, so make sure you plan for that ahead of time.

As time goes on, it’s likely that the history behind Dreamcatcher will begin to be more clear, but until that day, buying some from your local dispensary might be akin to playing a game of Russian Roulette. If you’re up for taking a chance on some flavors but are excited to experience her effects, this strain is right up your alley.

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November 9, 2021


I do believe it’s a variant of blue dream. I’ve never had it and thought to myself “this feels more like the blueberry thing”. I’ve also had it in THC cart form, and to be honest I do very much think that it is blue dream based. At least all that I have ever found locally, I’ve bought it regularly. It’s great for uncluterring your mind. Like if you just want to be able to watch tv for example and relax, this will give you that attention and that carefree mind. It lets me do that anyway. I find myself enjoying what I am watching and being drawn to the tv. I find myself engaged and interesting. I’m face what am I doing here???

October 8, 2021

Larry Dabbs

What an awesome oncoming of a cerebral high !!!

October 30, 2019


One of best strain for artistic. Make you feel better.