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No, it’s not some new-fangled alternative to cattle dairy -- Donkey Butter is an indica-heavy hybrid with a knockout aroma. Devised by Exotic Genetix, the creators of Extreme OG, this strain crosses Triple OG with Exotic’s own Grease Monkey. Donkey Butter’s dank, earthy aroma may be something of an acquired taste but consumers tend to agree on its smooth, relaxing high. Donkey Butter’s THC content has been measured at between 14% and an impressive 27%.

Donkey Butter stands out right away with medium to large-sized flowers that hold together in solid, conical shapes. The internal structure of these buds has the dense composition more typical of indicas, with wide, curly leaves. The leaves themselves are a deep shade of forest green, with some phenotypes even boasting patches of purple. Finally, Donkey Butter’s flowers are made even more colorful by corkscrewed orange pistils and snowy, translucent trichomes.

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Once cured, flowers of Donkey Butter have a gamey, earthy scent. A second whiff may pick up on some woodsy, pine-like notes as well. Breaking apart or grinding these dense flowers can reveal more of an intense, gasoline-like odor, possibly passed on from grandparent strain Gorilla Glue. When it’s burnt in a pipe or a joint, Donkey Butter can give off an acrid, eye-watering smoke that may be somewhat harsh on the lungs. On the exhale, this thick smoke has a pungent flavor with some light herbal traces.

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A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

As with many other mostly indica strains, Donkey Butter has a high that mounts slowly. Several minutes after coughing on its heavy smoke, users begin to feel head-focused sensations like a constricted feeling around the temples or some flushing in the cheeks. Eventually, these unfamiliar tics die down, allowing smokers to become aware of some distinct changes in cognition. Ideas may move more quickly than usual and may seem to have a new kind of intensity. Similarly, users may begin to make free associations or group their thoughts into categories. This cerebral edge can help accomplish work on open-ended artistic projects or brainstorming sessions. In the right set and setting, Donkey Butter may even induce trippy sensory distortions like a flattening of visual depth perspective or an uncanny feeling of time dilation. Those who are so inclined can maximize this psychedelic mood by indulging in some moody music or a visually dynamic movie.

Within about an hour (or sooner, if intake is increased), Donkey Butter’s body high begins to set in. Smokers who are out and about may suddenly feel weighed down and sleepy and may want to make a mad dash for home. Those who are already lounging in comfortable surroundings, meanwhile, can begin to feel as if they’re sinking into the furniture. Indeed, as this stoney feeling intensifies, it may undo much of the strain’s initial mental stimulation, leaving consumers able to do little more than binge-watch, snack, or nap. Because of its eventual descent into sedation, Donkey Butter is recommended for afternoon through evening consumption.

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Donkey Butter’s slow, mostly sleepy effects can also have several benefits for medical cannabis patients. Its happy, upbeat mood can be a temporary relief from some of the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and even PTSD. The strain may also eliminate physical pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury or inflammation, or to chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or COPD. Additionally, Donkey Butter’s tendency to induce the munchies can serve as an appetite stimulant for those dealing with digestive conditions or with invasive treatments like chemotherapy. In high enough doses and totally relaxed circumstances, Donkey Butter may even be an antidote to insomnia. Because it has a relatively low risk of disordered, paranoid thinking, this strain is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

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Although seeds of Donkey Butter have been made available for sale online, supplies do not appear to be regularly stocked. Those who are able to obtain the strain can grow it indoors or out, with outdoor cultivation calling for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These indica-inflected plants have a short, bushy silhouette and may call for occasional pruning. Gardeners who want to highlight Donkey Butter’s purple potential, meanwhile, should expose the plants to cold (but not freezing) temperatures just before flowering begins. This strain reaches its flowering stage within about 8 to 9 weeks.

A memorable string with a hard-hitting body high, Donkey Butter is a must-try for indica fans. It’s just what the doctor ordered for winding down at the end of a long day.


February 2, 2023


As someone with a moderate tolerance level, I've got to say - this stuff is fantastic. I began feeling effects before even getting midway through a bowl. The batch I tried was 23% THC, but my state allows for up to 10% difference (so I always take such things with a grain of salt), and that's slightly below (5-10%) what I've been getting lately. That being said, the beneficial effects were VERY obvious very early on and consistently improved over a period of time, approximately a half hour, before plateauing. Now for the downside. This stuff stinks when burned. Not like anything else I've ever had. It's very pungent, like bad animal breath. Though I found it smoked smoothly.

April 21, 2022


perfect indica...little harsh and earthy but that dankness is expected..good body high

May 24, 2020

Gary Robinson

Excellent strain. If Indica is what ya want, you’ve found it!

October 7, 2019


Favorite strain i’ve tried thus far. It’s perfect for me an hour before bed. Puts me in the most relaxed calm state without feeling like i’m melting in the couch. Also very euphoric. I just feel relaxed and happy but not heavy and sluggish. I love it.