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Do-Si-Dos Near You

About Do-Si-Dos

History & Genetics

Do-Si-Dos is more commonly known as what you do when you swing your partner round and round in a square dance. You’ll be swinging in your brain at this strain’s 30% THC-level, which is a delicious and addicting powerhouse that hits you hard and hits you for a long time. Its parents, Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, make a potent, blissful smoke. This indica-leaning hybrid (70/30) is becoming a crowd-favorite by Archive Seeds regulars and newcomers alike.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The plant grows in long cones of olive nugs with purple leaves, tons of sweet resin, and a layer of frost. The terpene profile favors lime and pine, as well as an addicting minty aroma. Its parents contributed these flavors, as well as the equally addictive cerebral effects. But it’s worth noting that Do-Si-Dos smells nothing like Cookies strains, instead favoring over-sweet, fermented fruit odors, as well as the smell of dank earth.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


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The mentally lifting energy will make you happy to be stoned and lost in thought. Do-Si-Dos is a pit that your brain can fall into and keep falling. You’ll feel warm all over and tingling in your spine and limbs. Locked to your couch and falling asleep, you’ll enjoy getting hit repeatedly in the face by Do-Si-Do dancing circles around your stressed-out brain.

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Those who suffer from chronic pain, depression, nausea, and especially insomnia can often find relief from a dose of Do-Si-Dos. Just smelling the flowers can lift your mood, as the harsh fruit and skunk tones attack your senses, preparing you for the afternoon of psychoactive nonsense ahead of you.

Consumers often note bouts of free association and analytical concentration on this strain, without a hint of agitation or stress. On this strain, you’ll be physically and mental stimulated, ready to exercise, work, dance, and more. You’ll even feel aroused if the dose is high enough. Anything requiring coordination can be enhanced on Do-Si-Do’s stony buzz. And we mean anything. You’ll be relaxed, energized, and oh so pretty while floating away on a little Do-Si-Do.


Growers should appreciate that Do-Si-Dos grows well in and out of doors, thriving in semi-humid climates and mid-70s temperatures. Archive Seeds is crazy about developing phenotypes for this strain, including the F2 line, #9, #18, and #22. They grow tall and flower in about 70 days. They’ve even been known to show gender-fluid tendencies in about 5% of the seed population. For those interested in micro-managing their potency, #9 is the most resinous and potent phenotype.


January 10, 2023


Dense fruity smelling buds, with some purple in them. The smoke is thick and heavy with a dank, fruity taste to it. Makes you very stoned and is great for a pre-bed J. Overall a great strain for Indica lovers.

January 9, 2023


Baby Tron sent me “what u want sun Do-Si- Dos or the snickerdoodle” best strain I’ve tasted 💨

October 10, 2022

John Martin

This is the most potent cannabis I’ve ever smoked I. 27 years 1 word “WOW”

July 23, 2022

Mrs. Morgan

Nice strain, my body felt heavy, especially eyelids, but my eyeballs was dry, UGH! (dry eyes sucks!) no sedation, but a relaxed feeling to where you will dose off,

July 7, 2022

lucas james ross leslie

DO-SI-DOS better known as DOSI doesnt it sound like it tastes- make you drowzy and couch locked for hours on end; probably because its indica and not sativa- do si dos was made by crossing girl scout cookies with face off og BX1 - soaring at an average of 24% to 30% and a wikileaf high of 35% this strain will leave you feeling like your in a physcedelic head trip; that leaves you feeling sedated- more of a calming affect; than anything; but dont be fooled by this indica leaning strain. The general mock up of reviews may vary depending on genetic code and how your body and mind might react to this indica leaning pheno; generally not every body will react the same way to certain strains- I believe blood type and daily intake of certain foods also plays a role on how our body intakes cannabinoids.