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About Dank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was known for sultry tones, schmoozing, and being the talk of the town. Dank Sinatra is his polar opposite, a sleep-inducing strain that creates a mental pillow for you to sink into. You won’t feel like spreading the news when you’re on a Dank Sinatra high. You’ll feel like kicking back and letting yourself be lazy.

Dank Sinatra’s parents – OG LA Affie and Hash Plant – combine to give it Indica dominance (70/30) and a mind-altering THC content that can reach as high as 33%. It’s no wonder that you’ll feel like a million bucks dropping into your couch and letting the world pass you by in the shelter of your mind. You’ll be hazy and calm, not a care in the world while you’re hanging out with Dank Sinatra. You probably won’t even want to watch TV or play video games – keeping your eyes open will be out altogether! You’ll just want to put on some music, lay back, and get on that train to sleepy time junction. Dank Sinatra grows relatively well both indoors and outdoors, with a medium flowering time and medium height. From the Hash Plant strain, breeder Bodhi Seeds gave Dank Sinatra an odorous diesel taste and a punch of pungent earthy flavor. The richer Kush line gives it some lemon or citrusy undertones to tone it down. Together, they have a cerebral aroma to match the buzz you get when you’re on it.

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The plant has mysterious, dark nugs with a fluffy shape and loose amber hairs. The amber trichomes lay in an unassuming blanket over the whole plant. When you break the nugs apart, you’ll get an unmistakable fruity, earthy aroma. As you smoke Dank Sinatra, the room will fill with a dank scent that permeates the whole space.

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With such a strong, cerebrally relaxing high, Dank Sinatra has potent uses for people suffering from sleep and mood disorders. If you have insomnia, you can get ol’ Dank to help you out in the evenings and make yourself drift to sleep. Even if not, you can use it in the late afternoon for chronic stress or depression issues, runaway anxiety, and even chronic pain. Most pain conditions have a stress element that feeds into sleeplessness, which then feeds back into the pain. Dank Sinatra provides a way out of the cycle with its showstopping THC content.

If you’ve ever felt the magic of Frank Sinatra’s voice like a warm blanket of sound over your troubled mind, his cannabis cousin might be the aromatic version. Dank Sinatra explodes in a pungent, diesel and citrus aroma that follows on the heels of your sinking sense of ultimate relaxation. You won’t want to open your eyes when you and Dank are hanging out – you’ll be locked on the couch, without a care in the world, ready for a little shuteye. What could be sweeter?


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