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About Dank Commander

It doesn’t always take a super potent strain to knock someone off their feet and if you tend to disagree with that statement, Dank Commander will likely show you why you’re wrong. One of the creations coming from Rare Dankness, this gal is a cross between Rare Dankness #2 and Catpiss OG. Individuals who enjoy bold flavors might find a new friend while others could head for the hills.

Potency levels of Dank Commander tend to vary quite a bit, with reports ranging anywhere from 15% to 24% THC. Each dense nug also features roughly 2% CBD within her layers of glittering white trichomes. As you break apart her nugs, you’ll likely notice that a complex scent wafts into your nostrils with hints of mint, earth, diesel, skunk, and citrus blending together. Each inhale features a more mellow taste that’s heavy on citrus and floral notes, making Dank Commander a little easier on your senses.

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Should you decide to indulge in this strain after a long day, prepare yourself for a potentially radical adventure. It’s reported that this strain brings about a very stoney experience that lasts for hours. You’ll likely begin with a cerebral jolt that makes its way into every crevice of your head and neck before eventually reaching your toes. Most find that their cares drift away and they’re able to relax with ease. Dank Commander does have a reputation for fueling hunger, so it’s advised that you stock up on your favorite snacks before you toke.

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Any strain with CBD is almost always a slam-dunk when it comes to therapeutic treatment and Dank Commander doesn’t seem to be the exception. Users have noted that she’s great for handling anxiety and depression, helping you to wash away the cares of the day. Physical pain may also be quelled and if you battle nausea or experience a loss of appetite related to a medical condition, smoking this bud before mealtime could be a saving grace.

Finding seeds of Dank Commander may be challenging but it’s not impossible. Should you choose to cultivate this strain at home, keep in mind that her scent can become overwhelming. Outdoor growth should take place in privacy and if you opt for an indoor setup, consider investing in a smell-proof system. Branches can become quite heavy as the plants mature so it’s recommended that you offer some sort of support. After roughly 9 weeks, Dank Commander should be ready for harvest.

If it wasn’t already clear, this strain isn’t necessarily ideal for newcomers as her effects can become rather intense. As is the case with most strains from Rare Dankness, Dank Commander doesn’t mess around when it comes to flavors or aromas, either. Consider trying her over the weekend to see how you react and then feel free to branch out and enjoy her during other parts of your day. Ultimately, she may become one of your new favorites.


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Recent Customer Reviews


This was a serious stumbled upon treat. The first to third hits have almost a candy to different tropical taste. Give it one more spark just to make sure :) It sets in as a spicy aftertaste like big red but just the nice tingly parts. Whilst noticing that ... you feel it creep over from the back to the front of the brain..... literally trickling into the eyes as if to tease "here I am, and ready to play." Considering this is the first time I have enjoyed this flower, it is also the first time I reviewed flower (online) so if that tells you anything about how it's well above the fold this masterpiece strain is. Please do enjoy yourself to even a bowl pack or go down the rabbit hole and get to where no alien has gone before :)