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Custard Cream
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In the United Kingdom, Custard Cream refers to a biscuit with vanilla-flavored cream filling, typically eaten with tea. After tasting the strain Custard Cream, it is not hard to understand the reason behind the name.

Designed by Cream of the Crop Seeds, this mostly Indica strain tastes of vanilla and hash. The strain's genetics include three landraces: an Afghanistan Indica, a Nepalese Indica, and a Hawaiian Sativa. Despite being Indica-dominant, Custard Cream is mood elevating, spacey, and thought-provoking. These cerebral effects may be accompanied by a light body buzz for those with lower tolerance.

Custard Cream is a fairly decent day-time strain although some users can experience confusion from the cerebral effects. Total relaxation is also common. The strain may ease some minor aches and pains, but it is more often used for anxiety, depression, and stress relief. Known to induce munchies, the strain may be useful to people trying to overcome anorexia and cachexia.

Growing well inside and outdoors, this strain carries a THC count of 20%. Those who grow Custard Cream indoors will need to give the plant between 65 and 70 days to finish flowering for a yield of up to 400 grams per square meter. Those who grow it outside will find the plants can yield up to 150 grams more, finishing in October.

THC Content - 20.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Custard Cream Highest Test
Custard Cream Average

Common Usage - Anxiety

Effects - Relax


1 reviews
Cat Stone
3 months ago
I had this tested at a lab and they tested the terpine profile fore free because they were so amazed at the smell of the bud. It had the highest profile of any bud tested in that lab. The THC was around 18%. It was a lovely relaxed high. I cured the bud for 6 months, made butter and had it tested again. The CBN % was through the roof. I have been making night time edibles for sleep aid and these have been a huge hit. Wonderful strain. No complaints.
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