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History & Genetics

If you’re not a sports fan, there’s a chance that the name of this strain sounds a bit odd to you. Also known simply as Gary Payton, Cookies Gary Payton was produced in collaboration with the former Seattle Supersonics point guard. After crossing The Y and Snowman, the teams at Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics turned her over to Veritas, a Colorado-based grower who now holds all licensing power. Cookies Gary Payton may top out at a meer 25% THC, but users claim time and time again that she packs a huge punch.

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Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

Nugs take on a classic look with a mint green color that’s accented by bright orange pistils and a thick coating of white, sparkling trichomes. If you enjoy sweet strains then this gal isn’t for you, as she dominates your senses with a mixture of spicy diesel and herbs. Many say that her odor lingers for quite a while, so make sure you’re enjoying her in a safe area before you light up.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms


A lot of the time people use phrases like “buckle up” when describing how to prepare for a particular type of high, but in the case of Cookies Gary Payton, you might actually want to do so — or at least plant your behind on the couch. While this strain isn’t typically sedative, sitting down may be a smart move due to the sheer strength of her effects.

THC Content











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Consumers note that right away their mind is blasted into the outer realms of euphoria, creating a strong desire to socialize and a fit of giggles that simply won’t go away. For some, the focus is intensified and could be used to their advantage when it comes to their to-do list.

While this strain is a popular choice when it comes to recreation, she’s loved just as much for her therapeutic benefits too. Cookies Gary Payton has been found on dispensary shelves with as much as 5% CBD, making her a prime candidate for easing issues like anxiety, depression, and even ADD or ADHD. Individuals who experience frequent migraines or generalized bodily pain may also find they can rely on this bud to help them get through the day a little bit easier.


Anyone who has tried Cookies Gary Payton knows that this strain is something special, and time and time again, people have been disappointed when they get the urge to grow her themselves. As you can guess, anytime the word “licensing” is involved in a particular strain’s availability, it’s highly unlikely that seeds or clones will be for sale. If you just can’t let go of the idea of cultivating her yourself, try looking for a stray seed each time you purchase flower.

You don’t have to love basketball to enjoy Cookies Gary Payton, but for some reason, those who are NBA fans tend to like this strain just a little bit more. Her flavors are certainly an acquired taste, but even if you can’t get past how she tastes, her reported effects might be enough to launch her onto your list of favorites.


November 6, 2022

Ollie Benson

Earlier today I sampled this stupendous piece of ganja. I was transported to a better place where life was easy and peaceful. I felt as though I was at one with god and saw the true meaning of life.

April 29, 2021


It was the best hybrid I've ever smoked. The flower gave a euphoria, was great, giggles everywhere.

March 23, 2021


phenomenal strain it is to say the least. Was able to pick up a quarter ounce of this fire from Cookies here in OKC. pricey yes, but worth it. description above is accurate AF. spicey pungent piney a scosh nutty and robust flavor and some sweetness as some have said berry i didnt taste any. overall just plain killer IMO. my batch fell around 23.08% and i absolutely love this strain. if you get a chance to get your hands on some i highly recommend after this highly coveted beauty, thanks Powezzz & Cookies Genetics stay lifted ~MJ~