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Named after the town in which she was raised, Commerce City Kush is another stellar strain by Rare Dankness Seeds. By blending Chemdawg #4 with Rare Dankness #1, they’ve managed to produce a bud that’s super potent and super pungent. We’d advise that even experienced smokers approach this gal with caution.

Her THC may not be sky high with an average of 15%, but the effects you experience tell a different story. Buds of Commerce City Kush are fluffy and round, with an olive green base that’s highlighted with orange pistils and bright amber trichomes. Herbs and spices fill the room as you smoke, and upon exhaling, a sharp note of diesel will likely leave you coughing. If you’re sensitive to harsh bud, this one might not be for you.

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Rather than waiting around before you start to feel anything, Commerce City Kush hits you right between the eyes with a buzz that’s uplifting yet strong. You’ll be happy but will find it difficult to think straight, however that won’t matter much as you linger on your couch for the next few hours. Many individuals find they become super hungry with this strain, so inviting some friends over for some fourth meal may not be such a bad idea. All of you will likely end up passed out on the living room floor, as trying to fight this strain’s sedating effects is futile.

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As if it wasn’t obvious already, many people turn to Commerce City Kush for her help with fighting insomnia. Before you check out for the night, however, try leaning on this strain for assistance with anxiety and depression as well, because you’ll certainly feel euphoric for a period of time. Physical pain also tends to fall by the wayside as soon as your high kicks in, so those with arthritis, migraines, and more will find powerful relief.

Rare Dankness is known for keeping their strains a well-kept secret, and while you can find seeds of this strain for sale online, it’s not exactly clear what these plants need to thrive. Most hybrids can do well inside or outdoors, so we’d be inclined to believe Commerce City Kush is the same. Breeders note that she matures between 8 and 10 weeks, so you will have to exercise some patience before you reap your harvest.

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Some users might want to brace themselves for the initial punch to the throat that occurs when smoking this strain, but fans of diesel flavors will likely revel in Commerce City Kush’s blend of unique tastes. Make sure to have your snacks set up and your calendar clear before you light up - when we say this bud kicks in fast we aren’t kidding!

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April 28, 2023

Brooklan Lomerson

Sooo I have mixed reviews about this strain, I’ve had it before and I was fine!! Yesterday I picked up an 8th of CCK and omg I never in my life besides when I had covid have I had a headache that hurt THAT bad!!! Y’all I took tylenol and toradol nothing helped I went to sleep with a headache and woke up with one! Thank God the headaches only lasted for 15-20 mins! It’s a great strain, just beware you could get a massive headache!!

November 10, 2022

Human Being

Pleasantrees Commerce City Kush was the best strain i found smoked in years. Wow incredible bud!.... perfect really

February 13, 2021

Ret. SSG Ervin D Harris jr

It really helps with nausea, stops it in a short amount of time.

January 21, 2021

Ty Surpruse

Just tried for the first time and definitely didn’t disappoint. Quite a harsh exhale with little taste, very pungent smell. Certainly for before bed or when you have a clear calendar the couch lock is real. Adding this to the regular rotation.