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Cold Creek Kush is an incredibly potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. It’s an original creation of world-renowned breeders T.H. Seeds. This Amsterdam-based cannabis company is one of the oldest in the world, dedicated to the preservation of cannabis genetics, and the creative inspiration behind many of the best strains on the market today. This strain is a powerful combination of two strains from Colorado: Chemdawg 91 and MK Ultra.

Most tests on this flower come back with THC levels between 14-22%, 19% on average. Although this strain is used to treat many different symptoms, many users who suffer from serious diagnosed and undiagnosed muscles spasms have reported this strain doing wonders to treat their symptoms.

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Because of the notoriety of its parent strains, this strain is hard to keep on the shelf in a dispensary. Indica-loving stoners often drive miles to far away dispensaries just to pick up some of these olive green nugs. Like many Indica-dominant strains, this bud’s pistils can get really noticeable, often covering the bud in a web of hairs. When you crack open a jar of Cold Creek Kush, a thick cloud of fresh earth mixed with rotting wood and spice will slowly fill every nook and cranny of the room you’re in. The smoke from this bud often tastes pungent, like dank spicy herbs.

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Common Usage


Most users who find themselves picking up Cold Creek Kush more than once do so with the intention of using this flower in addition to their already prescribed medicine. This all-day flower can be used in many situations to alleviate a myriad of medical woes. This high is a creeper, slowly building in the back of your mind without you even recognizing it. Overeager smokers may find themselves finishing the whole bowl or joint before even realizing how stoned they actually are. Warm, seductive waves of relaxation slowly ease your aches and pains and distract your mind from whatever ails you. This makes the strain great for recreational and medical patients alike who suffer from chronic pain and stress in addition to the aforementioned muscle spasms. With your body completely relaxed, your mind slowly elevates to a calmer, more focused state of happiness. On the downturn of the trip, expect to find yourself settling into a comfy chair where you might end up falling asleep.

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May 19, 2022


The overview from WikiLeaf about this strain is very accurate - it is an absolute creeper, it will take a while to fully hit so go slow when consuming!Intense relaxation follows in waves, with couchlock happening not long after (make sure you do all your tasks before consuming!) and a deep knockout will occur at some point and you'll wake up wondering how you fell asleep and what happened!Beacon's CCK at 25% (especially when the batches are good) is an excellent prescription for insomnia, and has quickly become one of my favourite strains I've ever had.

May 7, 2022


Very good strain, I buy this every time I go to the dispensary. I highly recommend this strain for people with anxiety and stuff like that. Anyways Redecan never disappoints me! I will keep buying them until the day I leave this world.

September 26, 2021

James Johnson

Find a nice place to be to sit back and enjoy the offerings of this excellent Kush

August 22, 2021


Think of the cerebral effects from a Sativa and then dip that in a pool of Indica. CCK can be ideal for day time activities even being a strong Indica strain. Earthy tones and scents with an offset of vague mint and the tiniest hint of vanilla. The effects creep on you slowly in a comforting way. This strain is def a heavy hitter mixed with a sense of focus and calmness. Ideal for meditation and reflection. Carries your anxiety or stress away and helps you to not focus on life's worries or anxieties. Good for either a novice or experienced smoker. Potent high with positive clarity.

January 10, 2021


One of the best strains ever