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Cinderella’s Dream is an interesting Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Often called Cindi’s Dream for brevity’s sake, this strain is a cross of the infamous Blue Dream and Cinderella 99. This bud is quite hard to come by, with limited amounts being sold every year and a mystery originator to boot. No one knows where this bud came from, but we’re all a little better off with this one around.

Cinderella’s Dream buds are often, round fluffy little popcorn nuggets of green and purple. More specifically, you’re likely to find hues of olive and indigo in this bud, with more purple variants being grown in colder conditions. These buds are fluffy in look but dense to the touch. They are often covered in thin orange hairs and a light coating of translucent trichomes look green in the right light. Cinderella’s Dream consistently tests for THC concentration between 20-23% which make this a great medicinal tool.

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This strain is absolutely not for beginners. Although it might seem like a sweet-sounding strain, Cinderella’s Dream is quick to send users on a psychoactive trip if they are unprepared for its powerful and often overwhelming cerebral effects.

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As the high begins, you’re likely to feel a building sensation that you can’t quite put your finger on. Before you know it, your mind will explode with clarity as waves of creative energy and inspiration quickly flood your psyche with things to do. Many report feeling quite introspective, often using this bud as a way to unwind and take a look back on their day. However, if you’re not careful, it is this introspective and heady effect that can quickly become psychoactive. Inexperienced users and unsuspecting victims alike have fallen prey to a hyperactive and heady psychoactive high where the only escape is sleep. Users unable to fall asleep are going to have to tough it out and try to go with the flow.

Despite this, Cinderella’s Dream can be an excellent tool for battling ailments in the right hands. Experienced users find this sweet strain to be an excellent tool for fighting mood problems like depression and anxiety, chronic pain, chronic stress, and nausea. Those who make it to the downturn of this high are met with a dreamy and groggy sleepy state which is likely to lull even the most experienced stoner to sleep.

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June 17, 2021

Aaron Drake

I’m a Grower of this lovely Lady Cinderella’s Dream I’ve been growing it now for Nearly 3 years straight so for I’ve grown and harvested and cloned over 30 plants of this strain. It has a sweet piney skunk tastes the high is Happy and euphoric motivation energy sociable talkative pain relief. I would recommend the stain to anybody

June 16, 2021


i love it i grow it im smoking it right now and what a good buzz feel amazing and growinging it is so rewarding ive cloned her 23 times and have even cloned the clone of those clones and this plant just keeps getting better with each harvest as of now i have just havested 5 cinderellas dreams and got back 635Grams of pure rare AAAA Organic Cinderellas Dream Im a Pretty Happy man and what a good buzz and flavor. Tastes like Sweet Piney Skunk lol Hand hits you in the head likr a church Bell lol makes you feel happy exited and ready to tackle anything. its fluffy sugary And Purple were it gets Deep Purple its like purple sugar with a nice shade of green and of curse those nice Orange hairs I love it! been growing this stuff now for almost 3 year Straight