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Chronic won 1st at the La Bella Flor Cup in Spain in ’03 and at the Highlife Cup in Spain in ’04. It’s safe to say that this classic Indica-heavy (80/20) hybrid by the Dutch staple, Serious Seeds, has earned its name as a chronic buy for those who have used it before. While the THC isn’t the highest on the market, the strain is smooth and potent and a great fix for those who suffer from depression and want some motivation, without being totally knocked on their feet.

The strain is a triple hybrid between Skunk #1, Northern Lights, and AK47. It grows in smallish flowers that are densely clumped together like green popcorn puffs, very Indica-like in terms of structure (coiled leaves too). The pistils are bright red and the trichomes are a smooth amber color that gives Chronic’s whole body a yellowish tint.

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The strain ends up smelling pretty harsh, with an aroma of spicy hash and other strong, skunky flavors. Breeders suspect this comes via the Afghani landrace in the AK47 genetic line. The result is a strong, pretty acrid smoke that fainter noses won’t be able to take. If you’re susceptible to coughing when using strains with a strong presence, the fruit-pepper exhale here will cling to your palette and make your throat seize up a little. Certainly, Chronic is for users who know what they’re doing and what they can take.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

Traumatic Stress
Traumatic Stress

As for the effects, Chronic is a great fit for mundane, lay-about activities like movies, hanging out with friends, or doing low-key work. You’ll feel energized, motivated, giggly, yet relaxed. The strain brings out a feeling of easiness in you. If you’re a Type A kind of person and want something that will crack your shell, Chronic may do the trick.

It’s definitely a versatile strain, helping users relieve their depression and lack of motivation, anxiety, and stress. It can also clear up a loss of appetite by giving you the munchies and making you happy. Those who want to dispel a stress-related migraine, release a muscle spasm, or work through traumatic stress, may also benefit from chronic use of Chronic.

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Chronic is so famous that it’s almost ubiquitous with cannabis in some places; people will call any bud “Chronic,” the same way every hot tub is a “Jacuzzi.” The smell may not be for everyone, but even that has a certain connoisseur-type uniqueness that growers and adventurous users love. The ad campaigns sort of write themselves (“Why Do it Once When You Can Do it Chronic?”).

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January 27, 2021

Kyl Rit

This chronic is the shiznik.

January 17, 2021


Picked up today from my local dispensary, labeled as an indica: 20% thc , and I’m about half a bowl pack in. First hit my brain really hard and fast, felt some mind racing and a touch of paranoia which let up in about five minutes. Now I feel couchlocked and tired. My muscles feel relaxed and I feel pain free. Feeling happy and good!

August 20, 2019


First time on this and got to say straight to the brain eyes would not focus and when standing legs stayed where they were nearly falling through a door stupid strong two hours still up there

November 6, 2018

Adam Arceneaux

Who wrote this? Incredible description and makes me want to go get some riiiiiiight noooooow lol