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About Chocolate Fondue

You know that old saying, “There’s always room for dessert?” This bud is why that saying exists. By crossing Chocolope with Exodus, DNA Genetics Seed has created the perfect blend of salty and sweet for this incredibly smooth high.

THC levels of Chocolate Fondue rarely vary, ranging from 15% to 17%, so users can bank on a solid head high with every session. Nugs are small and deep green with brown and orange hairs that give off an earthy aroma. The sticky resin brings in the chocolate and coffee flavors of its namesake. Enjoy the cheese and nutty flavors as you inhale, and revel in the floral notes as the smoke fades. Those with discriminating palates will find something to love about Chocolate Fondue, whether it’s the aroma or one of its many smells.

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For users who fancy themselves as the outgoing type, a bong of Chocolate Fondue is the perfect conversation starter. After the first hit, users can expect a sudden rush of bliss and creative energy, encouraging their more social side, while the deeply satisfying body high makes its way to the party. This bud is perfect for any time of day as it is both relaxing for your muscles and joints as well as uplifting and engaging for those that need to be productive throughout the day. If you prefer to smoke at night, Chocolate Fondue makes a perfect after dinner treat.

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This bud is excellent for those suffering from depression, stress, and fatigue as it is a mood stimulator and doles out little bursts of energy throughout the high. Due to its relaxing properties, it also recommended for those who battle chronic pain and nausea, as well as anxiety or other mental health issues.

If you love what you’ve read so far you are going to love this - Chocolate Fondue is an easy grow. With a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks, this plant offers an above average yield and is great for beginners with less than three plants of experience. Live in an apartment? How about on a farm? Either way, you’ll find this plant flourishes in both indoor and outdoor environments.

If you want to have a relaxing evening in or hit the beach with friends, this bud is the sweet treat you want with you. Chocolate Fondue is light and fun, with tantalizing aromas and rich sweet flavors reminiscent of a candy shop. What’s not to love?


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Recent Customer Reviews

River Toes

I got a 15g can of this from DNA and it was perfectly trimmed and over a bit in weight. The taste is very distinctive and the smell doesn’t do it justice. After a few days it almost smells like kitty litter and I’m not even joking. Ask anyone who has ever tried this bud and that’s what they will say. Anyways, it hits hard mostly in the head, and it gives you some good couch lock after the initial energy burst. I liked it which means you will most likely enjoy it as well. Give it a go cause it’s worth the dough!

Bjb jo

Amazing,t got at 22 of THC !!! Nice Bud, teast great and amazing buzz, Nice job DNA genetix