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About Chaos Kush

For the times when life is completely out of control and all you want to do is step out of the craziness, Chaos Kush is here to help. Bred by Elemental Seeds, an award-winning team of growers, this indica-dominant strain typically offers incredibly relaxing effects along with potent and delicious flavors. Breeders crossed Abba Zabba with Trueberry and developed a bud that’s poised to become everyone’s new favorite.

In most cases, Chaos Kush is designed to be enjoyed by users of all experience levels. Her potency ranges from 15% to 23%, so as long as you don’t go crazy with her, you’ll likely experience a moderate high. Her nugs are light green in color and along with plentiful trichomes, each bud is practically dripping in resin. Notes of lemon and classic kush flavors will tickle your tastebuds and permeate the air around you, often leaving users wanting more.

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Individuals who consciously choose an indica-dominant hybrid typically do so for a reason, as they’re looking to wash away the memories of the day they just had. Chaos Kush can contribute to the cause with a high that’s often super relaxing while still helping to keep your wits about you. After an initial burst of cerebral joy that often paves the way for the next few hours, users report that they sink into a growing physical sensation of sedation. It can be heavy at times, making the couch an ideal place to rest. For some, hunger also comes on strong, so have some snacks ready just in case.

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Home growers tend to consider Chaos Kush as a perfect plant for both indoor and outdoor growth. She ends up being somewhat tall and large once fully mature but doesn’t get so big as to make her cultivation impractical. Individuals who plant Chaos Kush inside can count on reaping their harvest after 8 to 9 weeks, and most report that yields end up being quite large. Crops that are reared outside will be ready sometime in October, but keep in mind that her scent can be quite overwhelming. If you’re in need of discretion, consider indoor growth coupled with a smell proof system.

Although she’s not widely talked about within the cannabis community, Chaos Kush is slowly making a name for herself as more and more people try her. Between her relaxing nature and bouquet of fruity and kushy flavors, it’s an ideal bud for experienced users who want to enjoy a mellow night as well as newer smokers looking for something that will be powerful without completely knocking them out. If you’re feeling saucy, take a toke during the weekend and prepare for an awesome nap.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Mike Parker

Purchased some Chaos Kush from Nova Farms. Nice buds, great buzz and taste…

Prince wish

I just picked some up chaos lush #3 33.52% total cannabinoids from the brand strand in Massachusetts dispensary . It’s a real mellow flavor fruity but packs a punch it’s definitely couch lock material. But it’s really cerebral as much as it is a body high you just fall into a perfect psychotropic state.


Picked some up yesterday at Native Sun in Hudson, MA. Incredibly potent and kept me high for hours and I'm a very experienced smoker. The high starts off with a punch of euphoria (can be overwhelming to some, be careful) and eases into the best body high I've ever experienced from a 1g joint. Taste: Spicy (little harsh) Odor: Skunky.


Excellent❤❤❤❤❤nice Buzz and 32% THC from Silver Therapeutics in Williamstown, MA. Also helped with pain and insomnia😄🌻look out for the munchies too🍔🍕🍫🍩🍓🍉