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History & Genetics

When it comes to drinking milk out of your cereal bowl, people tend to have pretty polarized opinions. However, when it comes to the mysterious strain dubbed Cereal Milk, nearly everyone offers a major endorsement. Bred in California by the masterminds, Cookies, this balanced strain is often enjoyed on lazy weekend days for the ideal mix of joy and relaxation.

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Some might not consider Cereal Milk to be too terribly strong, but if you’re a newer smoker, the high of 23% THC could certainly pack a wallop. This strain was creating by crossing Snowman to Y Life.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Each nug is hefty in size with a dark olive color that’s highlighted by shades of mint. Dark hairs are plentiful and her trichome coverage is robust. Cereal Milk is often favored for her incredible aroma and flavors, with a creamy and fruity sweetness that includes just a hint of herbs. If you enjoy dessert-style strains, this one is your gal.

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Depending on your tolerance, Cereal Milk could be the answer to your weekend prayers or a great way to make it through the workday. Many users describe her high as one that’s incredibly balanced with equal parts of a mellow mindset blended with just enough energetic creativity. Artists may particularly love this strain if they’ve been feeling like they need some extra motivation. For users who are well-versed with weed, this bud could provide the focus needed to move through your to-do list with ease, but don’t forget that you might experience a slightly sedating euphoria that could make this bud better for weekends only.

Most hybrid strains are great for medical use and Cereal Milk is no exception. As she typically infuses users with a positive mental attitude, many find that she’s ideal for treating ailments including anxiety and depression. Individuals who need help fighting off physical concerns could also find relief from this secretive bud. Cereal Milk has been reported as a great way to fend off migraines and generalized pain resulting from a variety of other health issues.


Cannabis lovers might think that Cereal Milk is the ideal bud and we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to grow it yourself. Sadly, that doesn’t seem like a viable option now or at any time in the future as sources say the seeds are near impossible to find. If you were, by some miracle, able to get your hands on seeds of this strain, we’d advise consulting an expert grower for some tips.

Whether you want to drink the milk from your cereal bowl or not is totally your prerogative, but any cannabis lover would be crazy to pass up the chance to enjoy Cereal Milk. Keep in mind that your individual tolerance will dictate when it’s best to enjoy this strain, but one thing’s for sure — if you love fruity flavors and balanced effects, you’re in for a huge treat.


May 29, 2021

Hemi Dude

This strain is smooth with an almost sweet smoke exhale. It’s a non-cough strain. The buzz is a warm cerebral rush followed by relaxing, happy smile-type high. Still functional and not a couch high at all. I’d say more sativa than indica in this hybrid gem. Buds are larger and colorful. Stick together in clumps. Pleasant and fruity, not skunky at all.

November 28, 2020


Cereal Milk by Cannabiotix (CBX) is a rare Indica Dominate (70% or more) Hybrid containing 33% THC! Hard, mint green buds with frosty sugary crystal trichomes & dark amber pistils. Creamy sweet & berry fruity gives this strain a super unmatched scent & flavor. Head & body high causing happy relaxation. Lineage: Snowman & Y-Life. Budlious Indeed :)

November 22, 2020


Got it at 34%!!! This is one of the only strains that still works for me.

October 8, 2020


This is one of my recent favourite strains. The description above is pretty spot-on; nice gentle euphoric high that melted any anxiety or knots. I don’t find it as ‘Inspiring’ in creative sense as many other hybrids, but that’s why it’s right up there; you’re left sat smiling contentedly , without your mind exploring little distractions. Also, I was lucky enough to find a few seeds in the bottom of the bag. If anyone has any experience of growing these, pls rsvp/DM!!!