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Casey Jones
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Casey Jones is a Sativa dominant strain named after a famous train conductor who spent the last moments of his life saving the passengers on his train. The strain provides an amazing uplifting high that fills users with euphoria. Sweet tasting smoke delivers the high within moments, causing many users to feel creative and introspective. Users report feeling alert and awake, full of energy and ready to go. These cerebral effects may also be coupled with a light Indica style body high. Most users of Casey Jones experience cotton mouth and dry eyes, a few encounter headaches, paranoia or dizziness but nothing too extreme if doses are kept low.

A strain that is great for starting one's day off and getting things done. Casey Jones is most often recommended to help treat the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression related disorders. The minor Indica effects may help relieve some lesser joint and muscle pains. Some find the use of this strain can induce hunger and use it to restore their appetite.

Casey Jones is appropriately descended from Trainwreck, a Trainwreck and Thai cross that was named Oriental Express. Oriental Express was then crossed with East Coast Sour Diesel by Head Seeds. There is a lot of variation in the phenotypes of this strain but the plants usually finish in eight to ten weeks. Even though the yield of Casey Jones is a little less than average, it is recommended for beginning growers because of how easy it is to grow.

THC Content - 22.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Casey Jones Highest Test
Casey Jones Average

Common Usage - Depression

Effects - Creativity


4 reviews
5 months ago
Casey Jones strain had an odd effect on me. It started as if it was a high from a 100% sativa strain. I was super talkative and wanted to stand up and go outside and walk around or something. But after about an hour I couldn't even drag myself up off the couch to go to the fridge...and I live in a studio apartment. So it was like the best of both worlds I guess? Sativa then Indica...
Ned Flanders
5 months ago
Love sativa strains and Casey Anthony is one of my favorite of them all. Nothing better for being active OR social. Going out to parties, going on a hike, going to a work meeting even. Don't smoke it at night though, you won't sleep for hours.
nathan hannick
11 months ago
Great morning strain. Really gets you ready fo the day.
joe shushu
3 days ago
full flavor one of my favorites strong buzz
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