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About Brownie Scout

Her origins are a little murky but that hasn’t stopped people from absolutely falling in love with Brownie Scout, an indica-dominant bud that came about after someone crossed Kosher Kush and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Just who that someone is isn’t quite clear, but most are sure that this strain has roots in United States soil.

Novices beware — Brownie Scout isn’t for you. This bud can reach as high as 38% THC and even on the low end of is likely too strong for many. Her fluffy nugs are accented by purple leaves and bright orange hairs, yet it’s really her immensely thick coating of white trichomes that most are mesmerized by. True dessert strain lovers will clamor for this gal’s amazing flavors as chocolate and mocha will instantly hit your senses with notes of citrus, herbs, and diesel following close behind.

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In Girl Scout lingo, Brownies were the younger set of troops, but there’s nothing juvenile about the high you’ll experience with this bud. Most users report that you’ll instantly be hit with a sensation of joy that’s coupled with brain fog like you’ve never felt before. As your mind melts away, your body will likely do the same, making you tired simply thinking about standing up off of the couch. For some, munchies can creep in unexpectedly, so it’s best to have snacks ready just in case. Unless you have an immensely high tolerance, you can count on Brownie Scout to eventually lull you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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When you’re in pain and you want it to stop, hitting it with everything you’ve got is a surefire way to reach relief. For those who rely on medical marijuana, Brownie Scout is often a top pick due to her sheer potency. It’s reported that this strain is ideal for handling anxiety and depression as her cerebral effects make it hard to even form a thought, much less a negative one. Bodily pain as well as nausea may also be quelled with a few tokes. Individuals who have a hard time sleeping at night may find that smoking Brownie Scout will summon a night of rest like none other.

Given that it’s not entirely clear where Brownie Scout hailed from, home growers tend to have a difficult time being able to acquire seeds and clones of this strong strain. Some claim that it’s a proprietary strain, leaving cultivators with little hope that they’ll ever get the chance to plant it in their own backyard. Thankfully, Brownie Scout seems to be fairly accessible at dispensaries nationwide.

It bears repeating that only experienced smokers should even look at this bud because as we all know, too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing. Before you light up, make sure that you can absolutely handle Brownie Scout’s high THC and strong effects, or else you could end up having a pretty rough night.

Recent Customer Reviews

Lisa Carter

Just bought a batch of Brownie Scout which is testing out at whopping 32.5% and all I can say is whoa! Apparently Green Thumb just broke a record with their latest batch of Brownie Scout at 37.5%! Can't wait for that batch to hit our dispensaries!


One of the BEST STRAINS OUT OUT THERE BY GREEN THUMB INDUSTRIES! The THC, terpene and cannabinoid profile are consistent all the time. That's if your lucky enough to grab some before it's all gone! By far in the top 3 if not top 2 in PENNSYLVANIA!

Albertine's husband

Albertine, I just got in over my head with some stuff not meant for amateurs. That being said, this strain is definitely the bomb. Highlights of VERY relaxing, great for sleepytime, pain relief, and just generally vibing. Great stuff! 10/10 would highly recommend. Don't expect to be all active after smoking this. Relaxation station.

Kyl Rit

It’s the strongest weed I’ve bought in terms of THC percentage but it didn’t make me feel to high or anxious. It did make me feel really tired and relaxed and it was probably the best weed I’ve ever bought.