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A strain devised specifically for the outdoors as an early finishing plant, Bonkers was bred in BC, Canada by the Next Generation Seed Company. It was designed to grow well within the cold and wet forests in and around British Columbia and has thrived doing just that. To achieve this goal of durability, the breeders created Bonkers as a mix of Grapefruit, Burmese, Purple Indica and ruderalis, which makes the strain roughly half Indica and half Sativa. Tasting of fruit, this strain can produce a powerful body stone that may glue users to their seat.

Not an ideal strain for when there are things to be done, it can be very effective afternoon and evening pain medication. Bonkers can also induce hunger and may make some users fall asleep much easier. The strain may also be used to alleviate anxiety and stress.

When Next Generation Seed Company set out to create this strain, they knew Bonkers needed to not only finish early but also be resistant to mold and mildew. Succeeding in both areas, plants of the strain can be ready for harvest in as little as six weeks but may need an extra week to truly finish. When grown outside the strain tends to finish between the 10th and the 25th of September. The strain is not stabilized but about 90 percent of the plants will retain similar appearance and structure, the only difference being height.

THC Content - 18.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Bonkers Highest Test
Bonkers Average

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