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Blue Zushi is a pretty, Indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) that offers a mellow, mid-range THC content for a comfortable high. This strain isn’t for people who want their lights punched out by a high-level high to regulate a jagged mood or sedate a troubled mind. Blue Zushi is like herbal tea kicked up a notch, with a pleasant outdoorsy aroma that gives you a comfy, uplifting push into a calmer state. Feel free to use Blue Zushi in the morning for a lift of energy at the start of your day. This is a great strain for beginners, or those that just want to relax without going too high.

Blue Zushi, a hybrid bred by PK Farms from Kush Mints and Zkittlez strains, offers a relaxing high. You might be drawn in by Blue Zushi’s captivating appearance, which welcomes you in with fluffy nugs and the unmistakable scent of pine. You might pick up whiffs of mint and spicy herbal undertones as you pull the nugs apart, followed by that homey, wintry pine. They’re deep green and blue under bright orange hairs, kind of a match for the wintry smells you’ll be getting. Even the white trichomes trail off into a cold, light blue. The scent and appearance bring to mind winter mornings in the forested mountains, a great prequel to the uplifting high that awaits you.

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The piney, earthy, and spicy-flowery taste hits you first. The Blue Zushi high doesn’t pack an immediate punch, but at 13-20% THC, it’ll catch up to you. You’ll feel it wash over you for a while and then lift you. Blue Zushi gives you a spring of energy, which is why it’s best to take in the morning or when you feel yourself winding down too early in the middle of the day. Euphoric, energetic, and relaxing, Blue Zushi offers those who need a boost of energy a little spark.

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Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Those who lose their energy due to runaway stress would be particularly happy with the tingly body high at the end of Blue Zushi’s energetic journey. You’ll feel relaxed but not sedated. This strain offers your day a healthy dose of ease, which can be great for treating some mild conditions. You may feel it in the front of your head, but you won’t be knocked out.

Those who feel ramped up by chronic stress and pain can make use of the energizing Blue Zushi high, followed by its tingly relaxation. Even if you don’t have a chronic condition, you can come down from a hectic morning, zap your stress, and help yourself relax and get your appetite back with this strain. Those who deal with nausea and muscle spasms can use the relaxing boost that Blue Zushi offers. It won’t take you to the moon, but maybe you don’t want to go! Maybe you just want a stroll by a woody pond, the smell of pines, the morning air, a sense of ease. Blue Zushi is like the blanket on your couch you’re going to reach for once you start relaxing into your morning. It has you covered.

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July 21, 2023


Fire Ass genetics 🔥 amazing phenotype and smoke

September 30, 2022


I just smoked this blue zushi and I gotta say one of the best strains I've ever smoke

July 25, 2022

Joseph Lai

I love it. It’s a great almost kush mints feel to it. Calms you down and if done in excess can have a tranquilizer feel to it

May 3, 2022


Blue zushi is unreal. Definitely a lot of fake packs of it out there. Watch your dealer and dispensaries. Smh. If you catch a real bag get ready for a beautiful experience.

November 21, 2021


Blue Zushi by Tenco smells like fish/roadkill/gas. Definetly a hybrid with energic effects. Great bouquet of flavors during dry pulls, while smoked, or vaped.