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Blue Mystic is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain which, as the name suggests, is shrouded in mystery. No one knows exactly who first bred Blue Mystic, or where it came from. Because of this, its exact genetic lineage is also unknown, making it incredibly hard to pin down. Most consider the likely parents of this strain to be Northern Lights and Blueberry. Nonetheless, Blue Mystic is its own strain with its own unique and distinct qualities and not just the name for a bunch of different strains with unknown origins.

Out of the packaging, Blue Mystic is a mismatch of both short and medium-sized, dense nuggets. These nugs are typical forest or neon green in color, with a few frosted, orange pistils accenting the shape of the bud. Users also frequently note a thick coating of milky-white trichomes encasing the bud. The flower smells of berries, particularly blueberry, in addition to fresh earth.

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Many users find Blue Mystic to be, pardon the pun, a mystical strain that contains the remedies to their ailments. With a moderately high average THC level of 21%, Blue Mystic is a potent strain that some users warn can make you feel dizzy after copious consumption. Expect the flavor of the smoke to resemble its scents. Upon exhale, users are greeted with the warm embrace of happiness and euphoria. You’re likely to feel creative and energized to take on your next project or take a walk around the neighborhood. You’ll also rest easy knowing Blue Mystic’s dull, flowery scent is not attracting the attention of your neighbors the same way some Diesel strains would.

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Some users who suffer from anxiety in social situations have noticed that not only does Blue Mystic wash away their anxiety, it also makes them feel more sociable. Patients have reported actually wanting to socialize in bars and clubs after having used Blue Mystic. Towards the decline of the high, you’re likely to notice yourself wanting to take a nap. As the energy fades, your body is left quite relaxed and de-stressed, making it great for users who suffer from insomnia, restlessness, and PTSD-induced nightmares.

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May 6, 2020

Emily Burns-Bradley

PARANOIA SUFFERERS BEWARE. While the taste and the aroma are both pleasing, if you suffer grom paranoid episodes please be cautious.

October 18, 2018


Seeds germinated very quickly and each producing a thick white tap. We chose a citrus/berry pheno to be our mother plant. Cuttings produce roots within 10-14 days. We veg the rooted cuts for 14 days before they go into the flower room. The flowering plants go into a wild stretch for the first 21 days before filling up their huge single cola. Yields are above average in my 4x2ft space and this strain has been very capable of producing a large number of cuttings every two weeks. The finished flowers are very dense and sweet with a deep almost juicy citrus/berry aroma. Flavours are out of this world after a 7 day dry and 14 day cure. Try this love this

March 16, 2017

Lord Kush

I really like this strain, it's a very nice smoke, mellow but not a couch-lock. If you don't over do it it won't put you to sleep. It's kind of middle-of-the-road in its effect, definitely relaxing but not really a bed-time smoke. Growing it, we had problems with the seed viability -- the germination rate was poor, with only one successful out of 4 feminized seeds planted. All of our other seeds did fine, so it wasn't for lack of care. Once we had a healthy seedling, Blue Mystic didn't seem particularly difficult to grow (indoors), although it apparently has that reputation. A nice compact plant, with tight, solid buds. Next time I will allow it to get a little bigger before bloom time.

January 29, 2017

An All Around Delight

Ok so this strain is one of my personal favorites. She responds extremely well to all types of types of training. This plant had a 2x stretch into flower. She grew tightly pack dense buds. While many claim this is a low odor strain do not be fooled, this plant carries some weight and well we know where that leads. After a proper dry and cure a slight berry pine taste. The smoke is headie mids. Sorry yes we have new brackets......A nice indica high....Great plant, great results. Amazing genes + TLC=20% If I was you, I'd smoke this. It's ok. It's 420 somewhere.

November 12, 2016


good strain for indoor grow ops