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Blue Mystic
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Blue Mystic is 60% Indica and produces blue-colored trichome-covered buds. Its Sativa effect causes users to feel a cerebral lifting of mood and enhanced well-being. Some users feel energized, but others feel very lazy and tired. Some users experience an immediate spike in creativity, while others feel drowsy in under an hour after use. Symptoms of cotton mouth and dry eyes are common and can be accompanied by dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety when Blue Mystic is taken in large doses.

Depending on how it affects the user, the strain can be used either day or night. Many find it helpful for stress, anxiety, and depression relief. The body high created by Blue Mystic can lessen inflammation and chronic aches and pains. Some patients use it to treat nausea and induce appetite.

Bred by Royal Queen Seeds, Blue Mystic is a cross between Blueberry and Northern Lights. Relatively easy to grow, it flowers within seven to ten weeks. It can produce an above average yield in a Sea of Green setup. It rarely grows above 40 inches in height and usually produces one single cola.

THC Content - 21.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Blue Mystic Highest Test
Blue Mystic Average

Common Usage - Anxiety

Effects - Euphoria


4 reviews
Lord Kush
8 months ago
I really like this strain, it's a very nice smoke, mellow but not a couch-lock. If you don't over do it it won't put you to sleep. It's kind of middle-of-the-road in its effect, definitely relaxing but not really a bed-time smoke. Growing it, we had problems with the seed viability -- the germination rate was poor, with only one successful out of 4 feminized seeds planted. All of our other seeds did fine, so it wasn't for lack of care. Once we had a healthy seedling, Blue Mystic didn't seem particularly difficult to grow (indoors), although it apparently has that reputation. A nice compact plant, with tight, solid buds. Next time I will allow it to get a little bigger before bloom time.
An All Around Delight
9 months ago
Ok so this strain is one of my personal favorites. She responds extremely well to all types of types of training. This plant had a 2x stretch into flower. She grew tightly pack dense buds. While many claim this is a low odor strain do not be fooled, this plant carries some weight and well we know where that leads. After a proper dry and cure a slight berry pine taste. The smoke is headie mids. Sorry yes we have new brackets......A nice indica high....Great plant, great results. Amazing genes + TLC=20% If I was you, I'd smoke this. It's ok. It's 420 somewhere.
5 days ago
good strain for indoor grow ops
philip cammarano
14 days ago
ok growing this is a pain in the ass, doing it in a box and it is 1/4 the size of the other plants. I am going to have to take this plant back to a vegetative state after harvesting the 4 others in my grow box. Extremely slow growing, only reason I am is I got the seed free, did not realize it was such a small plant to begin with which is fine if I had grown this with 4 others of the same phenotype it would have been a perfect fit for a grow box grow. This strain I feel is a perfect grow for a box outfit and I will look into auto flowering blue mystic to do another grow box grow only using all blue mystic! Still have not tasted the plant except for eating the leaves, very citrus taste in leaves we shall see aye what!!
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