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Blue Monster is a five-way hybrid that brings together diverse heavy hitters for a pleasure trip that may knock you out in the process. Its five parents are G13, Northern Lights #5, Motta, Blueberry, and Mexicana. The result of these strains, bred by the UK-based company Goldenseed to have prominent, nighttime-only effects, is a plant that may be your new evening favorite. This strain lays into you and causes your stress and anxiety to totally dissolve. For those with attention issues, you can find a universe of calm on Blue Monster.

Blue Monster is 80/20, a heavy Indica, and flowers in about 8-9 weeks. When well-cultivated, you can expect a 12-oz. yield per plant, both indoors and outdoors. If you plan on growing it outside, be ready to harvest it in the first week or two of October. Blue Monster’s buds are gorgeous, round, and dense. They’re big enough to look through the lime-green surface and spot its tiny, unassuming hairs. These large buds grow in bushy configurations on the short Blue Monster plant, which grows laterally along the ground in classic Indica style.

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(Grower’s Tip: Blue Monster is not difficult to cultivate. It’s so hardy that growers can even manipulate it a bit, by lowering the indoor temperature 10 degrees below standard cultivation temp. This may make Blue Monster’s purple hues pop out for an even more dazzling display.)

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ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

When this genetic monster mix hits your tongue, you’ll be struck with a pounding of Blueberry that fades into other sweet berry flavors. The aftereffect is unmistakably diesely and sweet. Since the strain sits at THC in the mid-20s, you can’t underestimate the beating your brain will get if you’re not experienced enough.

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After just a few hits, you’ll be locked to your couch, restrained by a big Blue Monster. As the effects wash over you, you’ll learn why we recommend Blue Monster for nighttime usage only – it can treat insomnia by relaxing you into a heavy, happy daze. It will make you feel euphoric, smashing your depression and angst. Even chronic pain conditions should subside in the presence of Blue Monster.

Those with attention disorders like ADD and ADHD love Blue Monster for its ability to take a work-weary, fast-thinking, agitated mind, and repress it in the best possible way with blueberry sweetness. If you’re a fan of fruity strains and don’t mind a high THC content and an aftertaste of spicy fuel, you may need the Blue Monster on your team.

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January 2, 2021


Recently came into a ½Oz of this from a friend, I tend to like Indica dominant hybrids and have smoked the strains of its lineage. I also smoke all kinds of sativas, indicas, other hybrids, hash, oils, shatter, etc etc... I say this only to highlight that I have plenty of experience and broad tastes when it comes to cannabis. I mention this in order to underscore that Blue Monster really does "hit different". As effects go, it's not all that different from other Indica hybrids and has a pleasant feel and fine taste. But the HIT is DIFFERENT and not necessarily in a good way.... In the vape it's totally fine, but a joint is harsh and so is a pipe hit. My throat was still sore the next morning after two different late night sessions combusting it, which was aggravating. I went out and bought a water pipe specifically to tone down the harshness of this strain while smoking. If you're looking to vape, go for it, but if you're looking to burn and puff nice soft clouds this is not for you. Hopefully the water pipe works out, I'm gonna go hit it now.

October 7, 2018

1 Kush King

This 80% Indica had dense light green buds covered in white frosty trichomes with light orange pistils. Sweet berry, blueberry, & diesel were the scents & flavors. Happy, relaxed, & sleepy were the effects. Blue Monster is best for it's total body relaxation.