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About Blue Lights

This blue child of Northern Lights and the very popular Blueberry strain gives you a long-lasting sedative like high that is perfect for a night time wind down. Hailing from Vancouver BC, Blue Lights combines a stress-relieving euphoria with a pain reducing numbness to give the user a near instant chill.

THC levels ranging from 12% to 16% make this strain perfect for recreational use. Its blueberry scent and earthy sweet flavors will bring any user to a bright and joyful utopia before drifting into a dreamy slumber. If you are more of a creative smoker, this strain is also perfect for artists as it boosts creativity and focus in seasoned users. Its dark green, fluffy nugs are covered in little brown hairs and give off a berry forward aroma, so don't be surprised if you suddenly get a craving for blueberry muffins.

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Users can look forward to a soft and sweet smoke, making this strain great for first-timers and novice smokers. After the immediate full body tingle, enjoy the euphoric waves that wash over you in the ebb and flow of the high, taking with it all of the stress and anxieties of the day. As the high continues plan to be comfy and ready for bed because this strain is a stellar bedtime buddy. If you’ve got a friend to share your sheets with, this strain can sometimes be used as an aphrodisiac, although that entirely depends on the user.

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While Blue Lights is a great aid for sleep, stress, and pain relief, and the occasional migraine, this product is not often recommended for medicinal use. For many users, strains with lower THC levels just don’t quite do the same thing as other harder hitting options, so don’t rely on Blue Lights to be your medical savior.

If you are thinking of growing your own plant, keep in mind that this strain is easy to care for, but will require training, cropping, or topping to keep it in check. It flourishes inside or outside, flowering in 7 to 9 weeks, and can grow up to 8 feet high if left to its own devices. The strong smell of earth and blueberry make this a wonderful house plant.

Whether you prefer a relaxing night in or a creative buzz, Blue Lights is the perfect bud for you. It doesn’t just taste delicious, it’s easy on your lungs and sends you into a soft but lasting high. So grab a friend, a blanket, and your favorite snack, and get ready to chill out with some Netflix.

Recent Customer Reviews


An awesome, smooth chill high which is exactly what is needed after a long day at work. This strain was introduced to me as Blueberry Lights, and starts off on a nice, tingly happy high and you sort of, kind of melt into sleep slowly, but surely. Brilliant. More please.

Tracy Baby Cousin

Relieves chronic depression and anxiety for sure. Numbing affects are strong also. Favorite strain besides gorilla glue #4. Tastes delicious. ❤❤❤


This strain is even better than described here. High is very smooth, a perfect mix of euphoria and relaxed, coming on at a nice even pace with no unwanted effects whatsoever. Obviously not for daytime use or when you have things to accomplish, but it does boost creativity a bit instead of dropping your motivation and IQ a bunch like a few other Indicas. Great for winding down with a friend or two.