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Blue Crack is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a spicy and skunky taste that carries a faint hint of blueberries and sweetness.

Producing a strong positive cerebral high that can make users feel very energetic, the strain also carries some mellow body effects from its Indica lineage. Although numbing and soothing, Blue Crack's body high rarely results in couch-lock. Users often report that their creative juices are flowing more freely. The strain also carries traditional negative effects such as dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, and occasional paranoia.

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Blue Crack, a good daytime strain, is most often used by patients seeking relief from chronic aches and pains. To a lesser degree, Blue Crack is prescribed for anxiety, stress, and depression related disorders due to the high-energy and upbeat nature of the high. A smaller subset of individuals use it to ease migraines.

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Blue Crack is a cross between the 50/50 hybrid strain Blue Dream and the Sativa dominant Green Crack. The plants produce fat unique-looking buds that are not as dense as they might appear. Blue Crack seeds are not readily available on the open market and should not be grown indoors.

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July 7, 2022

lucas james ross leslie

Blue Dream x Green Crack or Blue Crack was designed to pack a punch of flavor and combined a medium to high thc level to produced and intoxicating high that leaves your feeling happy and relaxed; with the help of a few friends in the united states- and the cooperation of canada- we have made Blue Crack crossing Green Crack #3 Sativa Pheno with Blue Dream BX2 possibly BX3.I cant remember; of hand at this moment; I would have to check my journal of strains that I have crossed over the years. Green Crack was originally made by the legend Snoop Dogg himself; probably why there was so much success with this strain when it hit the market; probably 6-8 years ago now. This strain has been tested at 22% and I believe it can reach levels of around 26-32% THC. I wouldnt be surprised to see results in high 35% or more; sometime in future. I really wish people would post there crop analysis to show- the cannabinoids levels through out there grow- so we could collect and find more useful ways to grow this strain in the perfect conditions; only grown green crack once; and my thc rating was roughly 22% from my grow. The taste of green crack between 22-26% is good- but I believe this strain is 3/4 quarters complete; thats why we tried to cross blue dream with green crack- I solely believe there is more to both these strains- and I also believe in the future Snoop Dogg will win some awards; for his green crack cross- happy growing- stay humble.

May 8, 2017


Not good for ADHD- super scatter brained but way creative. Made me mentally alert but physically sleepy and lazy- kind of frustrating to want to get going on an awesome idea but be way too tired and comfy to do it.

January 25, 2017


damn it was so strong xd. I had a bad trip with this.. hahaha rip