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Blue Champagne

Blue Champagne

Sativa - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Morning
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About Blue Champagne

Blue Champagne is a Sativa-dominant hybrid - roughly 70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica. Crossed from Champagne Kush and Blue Dream, this strain has above average THC at 20 percent and average CBD at around 1 percent. 

The infamous Blue Dream strain is a past winner in the Cannabis Cups and lends its fine characteristics to its child strain, Blue Champagne. A California variety, it has been difficult to find elsewhere, but that is changing as more dispensaries across the country discover Blue Champagne’s appeal.

The aroma of this strain makes it stand out. One whiff of the buds will fill your nostrils with the taste of – champagne. Leave the bag or jar open and the room will soon smell like a winery. Other aromatic characteristics include caramelized sugar, fruit, and earth. Small buds with red hairs are very resinous, full of crusty trichromes, making it suitable for hash-making.

Recreational users should appreciate the Sativa-dominance. Blue Champagne offers a cerebral effect like mood boosts, sociability, and energy. This strain is suitable for morning and daytime use due to it uplifting effects. The THC level is above average but not off the charts, so it won’t put you into outer space. 

Some have reported that this strain is very potent, despite the slightly above average THC level. This effect may be due to the Sativa-dominance or to the synergistic effect of the terpene profile. The high should hit quickly and linger, leaving the user high, not sleepy, and motivated and inspired. 

Blue Champagne’s Indica side offers medical patients effective sedation. People with migraines, pain, and headaches may find some relief often found from narcotics in conventional medicine. The CBD content is too low to recommend for serious conditions like seizure disorders. Side effects are typical of medicinal cannabis – dry mouth and a little paranoia.

Growing Blue Champagne is not difficult as you can grow it indoors and outdoors. It flowers in 9 to 10 weeks, so not the fastest growing variety, but not the slowest. Growers say that flowering buds are lightly structured and that it’s a great plant for cloning. 

THC Content - 25.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Blue Champagne Highest Test
Blue Champagne Average

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