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Blue Bastard

Blue Bastard

Indica - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Unknown
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About Blue Bastard

Blue Bastard is an indica-dominant hybrid comprised of three strains that excel in intensity, so naturally, you can expect a heck of a high from this one. By crossing DJ short Blueberry with God Bud and White Widow, unknown breeders have created a flavorful yet not too sweet strain for the Blueberry lover in all of us.

THC levels max out at around 23%, but as any seasoned smoker would tell you, that tends to be the perfect range. The dense triangle shaped buds are drenched in deep green and blue hues with fiery orange hairs, crystal trichomes, and sticky resin visible to the naked eye. The flavor profile is somewhat to be expected given its parentage, however in addition to the Blueberry forward palate, there are also hints of pungency and earthiness. The aromas are sharp, bordering on sour with berry and earth overtones.

The Blue Bastard high is most commonly likened to being hit by a truck. It comes in hard and fast with a cerebral rush that leaves you feeling stoned and giggling with very little effort on your part. The smoke is flavorful but intense and can sometimes lead to fits of coughing. After the first round of heady, tingly buzzing you’ll feel your body completely melt into whatever surface you happen to be on. Although it’s not often considered a complete sedative, it is overtly relaxing without losing a ton of functionality. Your thoughts will still be motivated and if need be your body can still be active.

For medicinal purposes, this strain is great for anybody who suffers from social anxiety as you find yourself quite talkative in the first and strongest phase of your high. Due to its numbing properties, this strain is often used for pain relief due to injury, muscle spasms, inflammation, and cramping. Patients who suffer from chronic pain may like to use this strain on occasion as well. Due to its sativa effects, patients also love Blue Bastard for its mood-boosting abilities. Those who struggle with depression, stress, or bipolar disorder will find this helpful. This extra strong bud is not recommended for those who suffer from chronic or extreme anxiety, paranoia, or PTSD.

This clone-only strain is hard to track down, and in order to grow from seed, you’ll have to go direct to the breeders for the most part. The yield is high in most conditions and will flourish indoors or out. Beyond that, growing information is rather scarce.

Praised in the cannabis community, Blue Bastard is a well-rounded, albeit intense strain that often leaves users feeling heavy but mentally fluid. Because of this, it is hailed as a fan favorite amongst artists and musicians for its ability to relax and drown out the outside world while still leaving your mind open to creative endeavors. Enjoy this bud in the late afternoon to early evening for maximum pleasure.

THC Content - 23.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Blue Bastard Highest Test
Blue Bastard Average

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