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History & Genetics

The aptly-named Big Bud is a predominantly indica hybrid that boasts huge, sticky flowers and a powerful body high. According to seed distributor Sensi, Big Bud originated in the U.S. in the 1980s as a possible cross between early staple strains Afghani, Haze, and Northern Lights and spread quickly through the then-underground market.

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During the War on Drugs initiated by Richard Nixon and furthered by Ronald Reagan, intrepid fans of Big Bud transported the strain to the cannabis safe haven of the Netherlands, where it was nurtured and genetically stabilized. Fortunately, Big Bud has survived and has reclaimed popularity in the U.S. The strain won 1st prize in the “Mostly Indica” category in the second-ever High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989. The THC composition of Big Bud varies from about 15% to about 20%.

Typical Effects

Dry Eyes
Dry Eyes

Common Usage


Appearance, Aroma, & Genetics

Cured flowers are huge by any standards of comparison - the chunky buds are very resinous and adhere in large pieces, even when packaged in small quantities for sale. The spring green buds have fewer than average pistils, but hold a high volume of silver-white trichomes that make the buds look almost wet.

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Because of the high trichome count, these buds are also very sticky and invariably hard to break up by hand. The smell of the buds is just as bold, with a mostly dank and earthy scent undercut by some fruitiness.

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The Haze parent strain imparts some herbal spiciness as well. Notably, Big Bud has a genetic profile that’s similar to the popular hybrid Jack Herer - both have parents in the Haze and Skunk families - but Big Bud has more grape taste compared to Jack Herer’s citrus. The smoke from Big Bud is smooth for an indica and finishes with a lingering sweet taste.


Big Bud has an archetypal indica high with a very thick body stone. It can creep up on the user, sometimes taking several minutes to take hold. Users rarely report mental stimulation, instead describing a disorienting foggy feeling. Big Bud may also bring about some psychedelic symptoms like visual distortions and trippy time dilation. This lazy high, often descending into couchlock, is perfect for passive activities like watching movies or listening to your favorite music.

The sense of relaxation that comes from Big Bud also has some medical benefits. It can ease aches and pains and more chronic pain conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Its narcotic qualities are also obviously helpful for those struggling with sleep - Big Bud can induce deep and lasting sleep that may even leave users groggy and disoriented the next morning.

Because of the dopey high, it brings about, Big Bud isn’t recommended for active daytime use or tasks that require a degree of concentration. It can be social in more low-key intimate contexts and is easily enjoyed solo.


Big Bud has height to match its outsized flowers - plants can grow up to 7 feet tall. As such, it can be grown outdoors, but only in inconsistently warm climates with reliable sources of sunlight. Big Bud can be grown indoors as well, but because of its height requires early topping and bending in the vegetative stage to allow for more horizontal than vertical growth.

The plant’s support system is robust as well: the thick central stalks can grow to almost 2 or 3 inches in diameter, allowing the lateral branches to hold up this strain’s famously hefty flowers, often without the need for supporting stakes. Big Bud flowers somewhat quickly for an indica, within 7 to 8 weeks, and has a medium-high yield. Plants can offer as much as 46 grams or about 1.5 ounces per square foot.

Because of the size of Big Bud’s flowers, the curing process, which usually takes about a week in temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled environments, takes 10 days or longer; buds are cured when they’re dry to the touch, but not brittle.

This strain is a testament to the importance of expert horticulture - without the care and attention of master cannabis growers, Big Bud may have been lost or diluted. Fortunately, the strain’s stabilization by Dutch cannabis enthusiasts has ensured its potency and continued popularity.

A true knockout strain, a little bit of it goes a long way and those with a low tolerance should adjust dosage accordingly. Although not the best choice before going out and hitting the town, Big Bud is great for physically numbing and mentally soothing yourself in calm, comfortable conditions.


August 22, 2021

Thomas Cooper

super hieeeeee

December 7, 2020


Dankkkkkkàlishoush. I have the pre big bud "99", just sweet and sedating. Love how the buds are all juicy plump with trichomes to that make it look like Christmas.

September 18, 2019


Good taste

October 23, 2017


Helps with my awful withdrawal symptoms from prescription meds. I can sleep now, and my stomach isn't ruining my life.

November 23, 2016

Candy D.

I LOVE this strain. couch-lock for hours.