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About Bear Dance

Dancing with a bear might sound like a poor way to end your life, but in fact, breeders at 303 Seeds had another idea in mind with this strain. Quite possibly one of the most uplifting strains out there, Bear Dance comes from a Humboldt Snowcap mother and a Pure Kush x Uzbeki Hashplant father. The result is a sativa-dominant bud that will make you happy enough to want to waltz with a furry friend.

Bear Dance has a number of things going for it, and one of the first that people notice is just how high her THC levels are. Multiple sources state that she tops out at 33%, so new smokers may want to steer clear of this particular variety. Nugs are quite pretty, with a dusty green tone that’s accented by amber hairs and lavender trichomes. Her lemon scent is very strong, and as you take a hit, you’ll find this sour flavor is offset by mint and spices.

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Great for a weekend adventure with friends, this bud imparts a euphoric high that leaves you feeling pretty silly. The giggles will become uncontrollable and you’ll feel social, energetic, and in some cases focused on whatever task or activity, you’re doing. Even experienced users should be careful though because Bear Dance can impart a sense of paranoia if you aren’t careful. Eventually, you’ll succumb to a relaxing body sensation that’s slightly stoney and leaves you reflecting on your good time.

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A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

It’s pretty hard to be in a bad mood when you’re high on Bear Dance, so medical patients who struggle with depression and stress often turn to it as a way to escape. Her high THC levels also mean this bud is an ideal candidate for easing bodily pain, and anyone who fights fatigue on a regular basis will appreciate just how energetic they feel after a few tokes. Bear Dance can bring on the munchies for some, so individuals who find it difficult to keep up their appetite also appreciate this tantalizing bud.

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Although she’s not especially hard to grow, Bear Dance includes some nuances that you’ll need to be aware of. It’s a plant that does well either inside or outdoors, but depending on your specific set-up you may strongly prefer one over the other. As she grows, her odor becomes increasingly pungent, and as she gets more and more smelly, this strain will also get larger and larger. Make sure you have adequate space with breathing room, and in 9 to 11 weeks you’ll be able to harvest your stash.

Some of the best strains out there tend to be fairly rare, and Bear Dance is no exception. If you’re able to find some of this bud at your local dispensary, save some for the weekend when you can let loose and enjoy the ride. Although this strain gives you a great deal of energy, her social nature may end up getting you in trouble at work.

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July 12, 2022

Todd Royal

Most "energetic" strains cause me to experience anxiety & paranoia which makes it very difficult to find daytime strains for me. Bear Dance is one of my 3 favorite daytime strains, the other two being Gelato 45 & Durban Poison, but Bear Dance is #1. It may be the "happiest" strain I've tried so far so, when I can find it. It screams summer fun! it's perfect for outdoor summer activities with friends or doing something creative. I tend to get spacey doing housework or chores but can get lost working on a piece of art for hours after 3-4 hits. I have ADHD so that may account for the spaciness, I misplace things if I'm moving around, so it's not a good strain for a workday for me but it brings out sociability and laughter during gatherings and music, reading, drawing...are just more engaging with Bear Dance. It's pretty rare in my area so I always grab some when it's around and a little goes a long way. I've seen it 33-35+% THC so newbies go slow

April 15, 2021

Kief Knifing

This is a beast. If that bear is dancing... it’s on my head. Crazy town. It will zap the anxiety... it’s a dirty fun party.

March 18, 2021

Tomas Koster

Very strong weed. I get a good charge out of it, keep busy, etc. But then it makes you sleepy like a powerful Indica. I like it but it sure seems to have some Indica in it as well.