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About Banana Punch

Are you a lover of all things banana flavored? If so, consider spending some time with Banana Punch, a powerful bud that’s sure to fulfill all of your flavor fantasies. The mysterious individuals at Symbiotic Genetics have done some amazing work by crossing Banana OG with Purple Punch, resulting in an evenly balanced hybrid that’s great for a variety of uses.

Most nugs are a delight to look at, but Banana Punch is quite pretty as each bud is an olive green shade that’s freckled with purple undertones, dark hairs, and amber trichomes. She tends to be on the stronger side with a high THC potency of 26%, so it’s advised that only more experienced users give her a go. As you would’ve guessed, this bud is rich in banana flavor and aroma, but that’s not all that she offers. Banana Punch features strong notes of pineapple and her sweetness is offset by a hint of spicy berry as well, making her a well-rounded afternoon or evening treat.

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Some strains are quite fast-acting while others take a while to kick in; Banana Punch is definitely on the latter end of the spectrum, with most users stating that they have to wait quite some time before they feel anything at all. The wait, however, tends to be worth it. Banana Punch often infuses users with happiness and calm before transitioning into a heavy bodily experience. Even if you’re a seasoned smoker, there’s a good chance that you’ll find this strain to be highly sedative. Hunger may strike toward the end of your experience so make sure snacks are within reach.

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Banana Punch is great for relaxing at the end of a long day, but what if you need a bit of help when it comes to medical issues? Many claim that this strain is excellent in therapeutic applications, helping to ease anxiety and depression for hours on end. Given this bud tends to be rather relaxing in nature, you might want to explore how well she battles insomnia. Those who need to overcome a loss of appetite or treat instances of bodily aches and pains also describe Banana Punch as a true lifesaver.

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As if she couldn’t be any more amazing, home growers sing the praises of Banana Punch, noting that as long as you keep her warm and dry, she’s a cinch to tend to. Both indoor and outdoor environments are suitable, and you may want to consider using Screen of Green methods to get the best results. Quick to flower in about 7 to 8 weeks, this gal is said to produce a sizable harvest.

If you aren’t a fan of banana flavors then simply move along, but if you can’t get enough tropical fruit goodness in your life, consider trying Banana Punch. Between her strong effects and the sweetness she’ll bring to your tongue, there’s no reason not to incorporate her into your daily routine. Be mindful of your tolerance and remember that it takes a while for this bud to really get going.

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May 23, 2021

Kara N Wareham

I was somewhat disappointed in this strain. I bought this strain from gleaf. I am not really picking up on a banana taste though I'm definitely getting a sweet taste. I love bananas so I'm disappointed in not being able to taste banana. The strain I bought has a thc content of appx. 23%. This strain is definitely a creeper.

October 29, 2020


The glo cartridge of this is phenomenal. I absolutely love how I feel after I hit my pen, worth the buy.