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About Balmoral

Those that love a good stinky cheese will absolutely love Balmoral. This phenotype of the extremely popular UK Cheese was created by Canadian LP, Tweed Inc and has grown its own reputation dramatically in recent years.

The THC levels of this UK Cheese successor are relatively high, having a steady average of 21%. For enthusiasts of its well-known forerunner, it will not surprise you that the breeders worked overtime to craft this pungent, cheesy smell to perfection. The ‘pinkies out’ flavor of bleu cheese mixed with a musky skunkiness gives it a flavor akin to a garden party, so if you’re feeling fancy grab a patio chair and take it outside. The buds are grape shaped and forest green which almost contradicts its pungent flavor, though the orange hairs and light trichome dusting balance out its rich greens.

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Because this blend is perfectly down the middle, users can expect a strong, sativa-forward focus and an uptick in mood that rounds out nicely with an intense body relaxation. After just one hit you’ll feel a burst of joy and creativity that may not get you very far, as the soothing body high will alleviate most of your motivation. Before the high drops you off into a deep sleep, pair your cheesy goodness with a bitter beer or dark chocolate treat.

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Medicinal users listen up, because this strain seems to have been created just for you. Balmoral alleviates the symptoms of a myriad of ailments from pain to inflammation to mental health disorders. Because of its energetic properties, people have reported using this product for depression, stress, and even chronic fatigue. Conversely, its sedative effects afford users much-needed relief from chronic pain, migraines, and insomnia. Less experienced users should take it slow and get used to the effects before jumping in too deep.

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This strain tends to do best indoors with an expected flowering time at around 9 to 10 weeks on average. With that being said, because of its pungent smell, you may want to invest in an advanced system to keep its smell from prying noses. The outdoor harvest time is around mid to late October and in either condition, you can expect a slightly above average yield.

Thanks to its pungent flavors and easy smokability, the only thing you really have to worry about with this strain is how much you should have on you at all times. Enjoy its complex flavor and let your cares melt away.

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May 16, 2019

JeeJee Lamoroso

We are in 2019 and Tweed has BIG problems with the look of their buds. I mean, its always skinny fluffy little buds with a couple of protruding stems in the vast majority of their products. That being said, what an intriguing strain! The buds may be little and kinda dry but they be nicely colored, "navy green", dark green, purple spots, tan orange hairs and a respectable coating of sparkly cristals. They do have that "Cheese" smell resting under that nature basic cannabis "forest smell". Surprisingly, the cheesy part smells and tastes subtil and sweety, which is perfect for me: I hate smoking strongly-cheesy-smelling strains. The main taste of this Weed is something else! Been smoking for decades and this is a rare taste for me. The taste of this cheeb is a vision : A smiling Grunge Girl mowing fresh lawn on a sunny Day while a Cheese raclette is cooking in the house, windows open. And she lets the cut grass in the sun not in bags so the air is FILLED with a freshly cut grass fragrance...Nice high! Having smoked Tweed's Highlands and was disapointed on so many levels, I tought the only thing I'd feel was a pain in the troath and the wallet... Surprise Boyyy! This is an exquisite High. Automatic grin... Head in dat real smooth happy zone. Body is relaxed but still rockin'. No envy to lay down but could cuz relax. Where's the hint of 'paranoïa' that comes with smoking Weed? Cuz it ain't here. Schmoove. Can't believe Im recommending a Tweed Product lollll. Must be high!! I'm hungry.. I'm gone . Bon appétit! Cocotte a essayer, juste pour le goût spécial de gazon frais, ça vaut la peine. Pi en plus, i gèle en masse avec un bon trip. C'est le seul Weed de Tweed qui a de l'allure à date. Peace 💚💛💚

February 15, 2019

Eric Stone

Best breed i've found was in a Quebec government dispensary. Great taste! Easy to smoke! Deep and complex effects. As you enjoy the smooth cheesy smoke, you already start to feel good and in for the ride, lots of fun to be had before you ever get ''stoned'' .